Your favourite classical music tracks

Shostakovich wrote a lot of music for films and cartoons.

Apart from JS Bach and MOzart…old “shosty” is pretty much my favourite too. :slight_smile:

You prefer the classical classical then :slight_smile:
I like Russian composers,they are usually very dramatic.I’ve posted this a few times and not just for the music.

Best version in my opinion.

Double and treble stopping, that brings back memories.

The composer uses actual bird song in his work.
Very uplifting.

I don’t know what it’s about but it sounds nice.

A theme tune that used to be on the TV every week.

Heard this many years ago from the film Zardoz

Something for THREE pianos.Mozart thought big.

Psmith, your post reminded me - I received this today from a friend:

Impressive :slight_smile: