Yes I have no tomatoes

My attempt at tomato growing is an abject failure .
Only two of my many plants have set fruit . I have loads of flowers but they don’t make tomatoes .
I have spoiled those plants too:(

Mine are on the late side , they have started to get really big now but no fruit yet…

Mine are practically the size of Jacks beanstalk but the lazy beggars just lounge there slurping tomatorite and not producing .

No tomatoes on my plants yet but I think it’s early days, particularly for us in the north!

My dad used to tap the flowers with his fingers to help pollinate them and his never failed. Don’t give up yet Muddy.

I will try it Val.

It’s early days surely? I have three grafted F1 Shirley Toms, in the greenhouse, growing well, flowers are only just starting to form. Cucumbers are starting to form though along with the courgettes.

Are they greenhouse or outdoor Muddy?

In a greenhouse but the doors are open during the day .
I googled it and they said it could be they were too hot or too cold or that no insects got in or didn’t or too much feed or too little .
In short could be anything .

I’m in a completely different climate, but we do start our tomatoes off in a wannabe-greenhouse.
Over the years I’ve found taking the pots out during the day has worked real well.
We plant them outside when the weather looks better - i.e. not torrential rain, etc. ie. not yet for us!
We have a good number of tomatoes on our plants now.

Hope your tune changes to yes I have lots of tomatoes real soon!

If you have got otherwise healthy plants, decent compost and feed, I don’t see what else you can do, other than be patient, it is still very early yet.

Early days yet Muds, mine have only just started to set fruit. What I would suggest, however, is that as well as cutting out the side shoots you only allow a maximum of six to eight flowers per truss, as they do tend to continue to produce flowers which in my opinion just dilutes the plant’s energy. Other than that just keep watering (without tomato feed until fruit has set), and be patient. :wink:

Muddy, My tomato plants this year, have been the worst ever! They are in the greenhouse and have taken ages to grow! I haven’t even got a flower on them yet!
I thought, you could use a feather to pollinate them?

Or a very soft children’s pain brush, some say.

For goodness sake be patient. I do know a little bit about toms-I used to sell them as a pin money hobby. Only now should they start to grow rapidly(time to side shoot remove) and perhaps flower. Keep moist but do not feed until the first truss has set.

Never grow Money Maker-it`s reliable? Yes. Does it crop well? Yes. What does it taste like?-does it have any taste???

Oh dear some of mine are moneymaker and they haven’t produced anything at all as yet .

The best tomatoes I have grown were the trailing type, grown in hanging baskets. I can’t remember the name but they were cherry tomatoes, red and yellow. I wanted to grow them again this year but couldn’t find them anywhere.

About as good as it gets then-think compost bin. It`s a crap variety but still sold.

I have some cherry ones these are the only ones to have tomatoes ( a few)

You could try these?

They look nice. I only had two baskets but they just went on & on producing fruit. I have a confession to make though, I have never grown anything from seed. I’m not a real gardener. :blush: