Wrong Fuel in Car

Have you ever put the wrong fuel in your car?..:open_mouth:

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Nope, and I don’t know anybody that has either.
Maybe it’s just that I don’t know anybody that has admitted to putting the wrong fuel in?

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My ex did once, he had no choice than to admit to it.

He put diesel in instead of petrol, I can’t remember what happened, I remember he wouldn’t start the engine,

Can you drain it out would you know?..from underneath the car?

Think I would leave it to experts to remove. Guessing fuel system would need flushing out.

I think my ex sorted it himself, it was so long ago,I’ve forgotten.

I kept checking I had the right pump for petrol, I very nearly asked a customer if I had the right pump,:joy:

It’s that little demon on my shoulder saying, you’ve put the wrong fuel in,:joy:…then I start doubting myself.

As long as the pump has a green hose or the dispensing nozzle is green you’ll be fine.
Mind you I do double check too :grinning:

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It was definitely green, unleaded petrol, then you can use the supreme one,

The first two are black, which are diesel, the next are green.

Some people are in such a rush, I bet mistakes are made, could be an expensive mistake.:open_mouth:

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I did once - gasoline instead of Diesel. I went back home, just a mile or so, and called a breakdown truck. He emptied the tank to the best of his ability, put in a few litres in the correct fuel, and sent me off to the garage to get a fuel of the right stuff.

That was a very expensive mistake!


Oh dear,:open_mouth:

I check then check again, I’m getting paranoid over it,:open_mouth:

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Nope, it’s technically not possible if you have a car running on petrol as I have because the diesel nozzle is larger than the petrol one. So it’s a potential problem for diesel car owners only.

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Oh ,well I never, thanks for that Dachs,I will check the nozzle next time I fill up, it makes sense to have the nozzle much bigger for a diesel car.but as you say it’s a potential problem for diesel cars.filling up with petrol,:open_mouth:

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From my limited undertanding it depends upon whether or not you have as much as started the car, because once the wrong fuel gets into fuel lines and beyond it means trouble.
Like Chillie6 said, I would leave it to those that know what they’re doing.

Dachs is right too but back in the 1990’s it wasn’t a problem because very few people used diesel as a fuel for cars, so it’s a relatively recent problem that it is said happens between 130 and 150 thousand times per year here in the UK.


I put diesel in my car probably when in my 20s. At the time they still had leaded fuel. I didn’t look at the labels because leaded always had a blue handle. For some reason this garage put a blue handle on diesel. I drove about half a mile before my car started making terrible noises and I had to call roadside rescue. I only realised what had happened when I checked the receipt. Luckily a garage drained it and it was ok again. I was told that had it been petrol put into a diesel vehicle then it would have been on the scrapheap.

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I did slip up once and when ultra low on diesel picked up a gallon of paraffin that I thought was diesel and it didn’t seem make make difference, but I did fill up with diesel as soon as I reached the pumps.

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You were lucky Annie, and yes my son said the same about putting petrol into diesel.:open_mouth:

I double check each time I fill up . I look at the line then at the nozzle and re read I’m putting in unleaded .

A friend filled up with wrong petrol it cost a lot to get the car collected and cleared out .

I am cautious because I’m afraid I’ll make a mistake

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No, never filled the wrong fuel but I did run outta fuel once about 2kms from my office - held up peak traffic!

Thankfully I could phone a friend at the office and he brought me some petrol…


I haven’t and I would have thought it was difficult if not impossible to put a diesel nozzle in an unleaded car tank because of the difference in size. Of course that does mean it is quite possible to put an unleaded nozzle into a diesel tank.

Apparently it is worse putting petrol in a diesel than the other way round because diesel pumps, valves etc rely on the lubricating qualities of diesel fuel

They are or were the same size here Bruce. Maybe there are different sizes for trucks.

When we went from leaded to unleaded fuel (about 1990 to 2001), they changed the nozzle to a smaller one so you could only use unleaded fuel in cars that were designed for it because the entry in the car tank was too small. Now that there is only unleaded fuel there are the two different nozzles for petrol and diesel