Would you rather live in another part of the UK?

Or are you happy living where you do?
What are your reasons either way?

Do you think you will ever move?

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I have moved around the UK so much in my life that I can be happy anywhere. I just wish that I had a garden, but as to where that house & garden might be, I don’t mind :house_with_garden:

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Nope…I would never move, having lived in the same house all my life (73 years) the only way they they’ll get me out is feet first in a wooden box.

Have you lived in the same house since you were a baby, wishbone? Wow I think that’s incredible!

@Rhian I would like to live in Wales specifically the Pembrokeshire coast just below Newport Village :icon_cool:
Why, it is a heavenly place with the Preseli hills, beautiful beaches and lovely countryside .
No I won’t ever move there now but wish I had done so years ago…

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Love Devon, but closer to the Motorway would be ideal.

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I was born in it PK[quote=“PixieKnuckles, post:4, topic:83854, full:true”]
Have you lived in the same house since you were a baby, wishbone? Wow I think that’s incredible!

We like where live… It’s a fairly recent move - about two years ago. Lovely neighbours, quiet cul-de-sac, and free of traffic walks for the dogs. It’s closer for my kids and grand kids - two are a bit further south and the other is further north.

I live in a beautiful part of the world but I would move having traveled all of my life I am not settled and want to find somewhere which will be my last home .

Where I am presently is OK, quiet, rural and close to the only family I have now. I’ve always had a hankering though to live in Hampshire / Dorset on the south coast. Many, many years’ ago I did enquire about property prices there and it was even more expensive than living 25 miles from London, where I used to live so that plan was put on the back burner and is now shelved indefinitely! :grinning:

I hate living here, I only stay here because of my Dad. God forbid when anything happens we won’t stick around, it’s a horrible place to live.

Ideally other than leaving the UK I would love to live in the Country but that’s out because property is too expensive.

Much though we like Lincolnshire we are already planning a move, albeit not until say four or five years hence.
Reasons are too many to go into in detail here.
Back to Scotland’s west coast, nearer to my immediate family and to hills.
The choice was there or Bedfordshire and what remains of Mrs Zaphod’s immediate family, so it’s understandable that Scotland won out when faced with that isn’t it?
:innocent: :grin:

No, I wouldn’t want to leave Devon. Been here in this house from new since 1973, my kids were 6 & 2 when we came, it was a breath of fresh air after Cippenham/Slough. In those days here we were a little village & knew practically everyone, but like Topsy it has grown much to big, houses everywhere, but I still wouldn’t leave.

I have lived in Aberdeen or Aberdeenshire all my life except for 2 years national service. I have no wish to live anywhere else.

I love living in Devon, but I hate where we actually are. I would have moved years ago but Mr B didn’t want to and no amount of badgering him made a jot of difference, so here we are, and here we’ll probably stay now. I don’t think I could bear the thought of having to go through a house move now, with all the stress that entails. But I would have done it 20 years ago, and wish to God I had.

I’ve lived in the same small Town all of My Life and have no wish to move…I was born in a wee flat in the Main Street above Miss Meeks Hat Shop…and I haven’t moved very far since…10/15 mins walk from shops/bus stop/train Station,library/Docs/Dentist.PO,etc’.Good Neighbours too…I’m here until I pop My clogs, ;~)

I don’t know quite your circumstances but I wish it were otherwise for you.
Living in the country might not be so expensive. We lived in Scotland (Culross) for a while. It was lovely.

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Sorry you don’t like the town you live in Bathsheba. Ours is far too big now, but it’s still home & I always liked this place when we came down to Cornwall for holidays at my Parents house, we drove through here in those days, no by pass then. We were also in traffic jams a lot, usually with a view of the river. I once said, ‘I’d like to live here, the river is lovely’. Never realising at that time, we would. Strange isn’t it how things happen.


Oh I like the town, I just don’t like the road we live in, because it’s a busy main road, and we have only a minuscule frontage, with no garden or driveway. I would so love to live on a quieter road.

Yes, I remember coming down to Devon on holiday as a child, and we would have come along the A38, which meandered through all the little towns and villages that it now bypasses. Those little towns and villages are almost certainly grateful for the bypasses because, oh yes, the traffic jams were dreadful!

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I am in Cornwall for a few days and I must say it doesn’t appeal at all !
Probaby because the weather is so bad.