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From the land of the green and gold, don’t you agree that the Rugby World Cup final was cracking!

Land of the green and gold?..well one of them. THere’s another land of green and gold only one ocean away from you. Yes the Boks are a team with a great and glorious history to be sure. But the best? There’s another much more monochromatic bunch a little further on that would have to win that award I think? :slight_smile:

Ah! the Green and Gold!

Green and Gold

You’re correct, two nations share the green and gold! It’s an awesome combination for both the Wallabies and the Bokke!

Here’s the monochromatic Bokke!

Ah, give a girl a break! What can I say, I’m patriotic when it comes to sport! But yes, the Kiwis have consistently proven that they are the worlds best!
But just for fun, here’s another take on the Bokke

I really enjoy watching rugby & used to be a first aide for a local team, but I would never want to choose who are the best players.
New Zealand were always considered to be the best, and I am sure Jonah Lomu was superman :lol:, but I have probably seen most international teams beaten.
I am sure most people support their own country’s team, as I know I was supporting England when they won the world cup. Mind you, I am happy to see any good team play!:slight_smile:

Rugby’s in our blood

Yes, totally agree with you. Teams win some and lose some.

They were the best over the period of the world cup thats why they have the trophy for 4 yrs.

Hak hom Blokkies!

Yes and come 2023 , new winners will be crowned in France!

I’d like it to be England if not them then France.

Really, you’d rather the French than Wales or Ireland? Do you have some French connection then.

The whole world cup series was great Minx, especially as England
was doing so well, untill they played the bokke ??
The commitment of the SA players was outstanding,( the best of
all the teams l think?) I was actually cheering for them much to
the disgust of donkeywoman, as we lived out there for 37yrs !


37 years hey! What made you go back?

England played top notch against the All Blacks and deserved the win! Sinckler’s early exit against SA caused a huge upset.

It definitely was one of the best Rugby World Cups!
Can’t wait for France 2023 :cool:


More so than the others.

@Minx You’ve been very quiet about the Bokke just lately. What happened?

:grinning::rugby_football::grinning::rugby_football::grinning::rugby_football::grinning::rugby_football::grinning: :rugby_football:

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I believe the wallabies recently won, hope it was more watchable than the dire lions tour.

The Boks were dismal.
I see the All Blacks killed Argentina!

The All Blacks are looking unbeatable!
Huge respect!

I’m so disappointed Bruce. We look terrible! Not like World Champions! I thought nobody would notice but there’s no getting away from you!


Watched the game against Argentina, the All Blacks just look unbeatable! It’s a joy to watch them play!

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