World naked Gardening day today :)

I just saw this trending on twitter and was intrigued… Apparently this is an annual event on 1st May.

There are some great twitter photos of people with strategically placed plants. The best one was a man holding a large cactus! :shock:

So would you do this? Would you ever be able to look your neighbours in the eye again? :slight_smile:

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How about you Annie…would you do it?

And nope. I don’t mind going barefoot, but no to everything else.

Sorry, it’s too cold out there today for me! :mrgreen:

How about when it warms up Mags…would you go naked in the garden then?.:mrgreen:

Going naked in the garden doesn’t do anything for me, how could any woman with huge boobs garden?

I’ll let you know when we get a warm May 1st! :mrgreen:

haha! No way hose A :smiley:

No Problem, I do it all the time…

My case comes up in court next Wednesday…:blush:

Snigger… Chortle… :lol::lol:


So cold here that nobody would notice.

My Ex used to sunbath naked in the garden, but we where not overlooked.


I’m not sure that subjecting poor innocent plants and wildlife to such a sight as I would undoubtedly make would be entirely fair to them.
Not only that but knowing my luck I could guarantee that were I to participate it would be the only time in years that people were in the field at the bottom (no pun intended) of my garden … and there’s only a wire fence so there’s nothing much in the way of protection.

Someone got it Foxy. :lol::lol:


What has always fascinated me is the number of women who cover up here in the UK but have no problem going topless on holiday.

We all know how many minor injuries we can get when gardening, and some people can get more serious ones, so naked gardening seems ridiculous to me!

Don’t forget that tetanus often comes from the soil & can be dangerous, so if your jab is out of date, you may have to go to the hospital and show them your injury, explaining how you got it! :blush::blush::blush:

No way Jose .
It’s too blooming cold in the U.K. and when it’s warm there are stingers .
There are these open gardens near us which became quite famous for their naked gardening owners .
Once a month they opened them to the clothing optional public we went we went one day we didn’t realise it’s was a clothing optional day .OMG it was full of mainly naked men who had all sorts of rings etc in funny places .
Poor Mr M was quite shocked and couldn’t get out of there fast enough .

Ah, you saw Prince Albert obviously. :wink:

Bloomin 'eck…see the things I have learned since joining up here! :blush: Google should be a bit more sensitive!

The lady next door does naked gardening, she’s quite brazen about it, she showed me her clematis, she said she used to like it in the border, but it was best up against the wall, then she asked me how my shaggy soldier was doing, I said it wasn’t as good as my stiffcock which I said would be magnificent this year, she asked about her husbands sticky Willie, I thought it didn’t look good and might benefit from her giving it a hand with some supports, our gardens should be lovely this year

These are all real plant names btw…