WORDLE word game

Has anyone played this online game, Wordle?
(Wordle - A daily word game)


What a coincidence I discovered this today, got it in 4 lines, looking forward to having another go tomorrow.

Discovered it about a week ago…totally hooked!


Yes, but I can’t say I’m keen on games that have a ticking clock and time limit. They just make me feel stressed! So I play it now and again, but not very often.

I didn’t even know there was a time limit!!

Are we playing the same game? If you don’t find the word within a certain time, then the round ends and it tells you your score. Then you have to start a new round, and so on. It just makes me feel stressy when I don’t immediately see the word!

There isn’t! :rofl:
I think Bathy has found a different game.
It’s this one: Wordle - A daily word game (powerlanguage.co.uk)

Oh, the one I’m playing is different! But it is called Wordle!!! How very confusing :thinking:

It is good fun, I feel so smug when I get it!

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Well I’ve just had a go at the right game, and guessed the word in 3 goes. Now, it seems, I have to wait for ages for the next Wordle. What’s all that about then?

ETA: Oh, there’s just one a day. Hmm…

Now I’m totally confused…are we saying there are two new word games with the same name??
The Wordle I do is a new game each day

The one I’m playing is an app on my iPhone. It’s faintly irritating to be honest. A scrambled 4 letter word appears and you have to unscramble it quickly. Then another, and another, and the longer you take to do one, the less time you have on the next one and so on, until the round ends.

And yes, it is called Wordle!

I see, a totally different game. Don’t like the sound of that pressure!!
How odd that it’s the same name though.

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I know! Crazy eh? And so confusing! I’d heard people talk about Wordle, so I went to the App Store and found this. I couldn’t understand why it was being talked about so much! Now I know why, haha :joy:

yes - I love it - but it becomes addictive! Took me 5 attempts today.


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I discovered this word game a week or two ago.
The first time I played it, I didn’t get the correct word, then I forgot about it so didn’t try it again.
This thread reminded me about it, so I’ve just had a go at today’s word and got it on the 3rd line.
I love word games, so I look forward to having a go each day - if I remember!

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AAargh - I just failed todays (Thurs) one!

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a thread about this? Wordles fail me…


There’s another version called Lewdle, rude words only!


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I’ll give that one a miss! :smiley_cat: :smiley_cat: