WOKE, Strikes Again

REALLY? This is pure lunacy IMO. :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage:

Marks & Spencer renames Midget Gems following calls from disability campaigner (yahoo.com)

@Rox , Yeah, l read that too!
Also they want to rewrite Enid Blighton stories before students
can read them !!
Apparently they are sexist ??
Donkeyman! :thinking::thinking:

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Lunacy strikes again…:frowning:


@Rox - More fools them for complying. Until someone, somewhere, has the guts to refuse to accept such nonsense it will continue to happen.

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What are we going to call the MG Midget now? :017:


Marching blindly towards 1984’s Newspeak :icon_rolleyes:

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I thought ‘midget’ could just mean something small, not just a person?

On the other hand, if people with dwarfism do find it offensive I can’t say I’m too bothered if they change the name

Is not like it’s any skin off my nose or a great British tradition I can’t bear to see go. Why so cross about it?

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I swear it’s absolutely ignorance in action. Had I seen that candy before hand I never would have thought of dwarfism. When I order my coffee. Do I now have to ask for plain instead of black so I don’t offend. Another thing is why do small people complain about this. I have never heard tall people complain, and they get called names all the time. Stretch, Giant and the ever popular how’s the weather up there?
People have gotten too sensitive. How is renaming a candy going to help the dwarfish cause?
It’s almost impossible to keep up with what offends who today and why!!

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However…I do think Mini Gems is far more pleasant sounding than Midget Gems, so it gets a :heavy_check_mark: from me


I won’t link due to derailment, but there was something about Microsoft altering the grammar in Word documents, to be more inclusive. It will be underlined in purple not red or blue, and an example I read was Barry Manilow’s “Cococabana” song lyrics being changed from “showgirl” to “performing artist” :joy:

Oh hell, people must go around thinking up ways they can be offended, I don’t think it’s about being cross Maree, more its pathetic the things they come up with these days. Midget gems are lovely and sweet, why cant they take a positive from the word , no they have to look for negatives in every flipping word that comes from our mouths . Bliddy ridiculous

Midget means small in size , midget gems are small…can’t call them small gems coz someone will find an offensive in that too

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I suppose so, but I just can’t get worked up about it. It’s just a bag of sweets, call ‘em whatever they like.

I haven’t got dwarfism so I don’t know if I’d be offended or not, but if they are, then fair play, changing the name doesn’t hurt, does it?

There are many out there just looking for reasons to be seen as outraged and anything that caught their eye could be the next target. Some people simply have too much time on their hands :wink:


having read that article I wondered if it’s alright to call midgets… minis now

Clever M & S. Imagine the meeting.

What can we do to get not just some, but LOTS of free publicity?
How about relaunching a product?
Yes, fine, but how much attention will that bring us?
Well how about making up a ridiculous story that suggests that we changed the name of a product due to this chap?
Great idea Bill, we get support from two groups doing that, sane people who think yes so what. But it’s nice that disability rights are being discussed & then the loony right, who will foam at the mouth & rant on for hours about a name change that makes no difference to the product or them.

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@Maree. And there’s the rub Maree , they are ‘dwarfs’ and not
midgets ! Midgets is the slang word to describe small things
or small copies of an original , so maybe a dwarf might possibly
be offended by being called a midget or thing ??
But as you say, Does it really matter ? It’s probably easier
though to change the name of the sweets ! Allthough that won’t
stop dwarfs being called midgets ?
Donkeyman! :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

A friend a few months ago sent me a link to an online dictionary, where the diminutive (origin) of the word Midget was given as the insect Midge.

@Gee3 Could be interpreted as a ‘small nuisance’ then Gee ??
Donkeyman! :+1::roll_eyes::+1:

The term if it is derived from Midge, is clearly a derogatory term.

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@Gee3 , My thoughts entirely .
Donkeyman! :thinking::thinking:

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