Withdrawal symptoms

I have been using opioid based pain patches for the past few months to control the pain from Trochanteric bursitis. Unfortunately the patches started to give me a bad rash on my arm so I have stopped using them. I now rely on pain relief I can swallow.

The patches are called Buprenorphine and I am suffering horrific withdrawal symptoms from it. A few physical symptoms like fever, achy eyes, nausea but the one that bothers me most anxiety/depression. I feel so weepy alternating with irrational loss of temper for no reason.

I read the leaflet inside the package so at least I know the reason why I feel like this. It should all pass in about a month I am advised but the anxiety/depression could last longer!!

I’m asking if anybody else has used these patches & suffered withdrawal symptoms or suffered withdrawal symptoms from any drug at all?

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I was prescribed dihydrocodeine 30mg tablets X 8 daily for severe pain following nerve surgery and to wean me off of them, my dosage was reduced by just one tablet monthly until I was only taking two and then that was it, I was off of them. Withdrawal must be gradual or you will suffer greatly. Your doc should already know this!


I didn’t tell the doctor. I just woke up one morning with an itch rash on my arm so decided to stop using them.

Ah well, in that case, I strongly recommend a call to your doc which will give you good advice and maybe even something to help via electronic script to your nominated pharmacy.

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This is what it did to my arm. I had no choice but to stop using it straight away.

Blimey, yes, definitely consult your GP asap before that becomes worse.

That looks really nasty, Carol. Could you email it to your GP surgery? It may help them decide what to do next for you. You are having a rough time at the moment I do hope things will improve soon.


I’m sorry to hear you are suffering as you are lately, I would definitely have a word with GP, good luck. I hope you feel better soon xxx


I know there’s nothing the doctor can do.

I had bursitis 4 years ago which thankfully got better. The doctor gave me every painkiller under the sun. I tried them all. Ended up with a cocktail of codeine/paracetamol/Ibuprofen all taken at once with Gabapentin at 2 hourly intervals in between.

In the end I started being violently sick as my body protested. I think it was the codeine causing it mostly but that was the best painkiller. I daren’t take it now unless I want 3 days in bed spewing up. as last time I took it.

I know the doctor can’t do anything - been through it all before. :cry:

Thanks for sympathy & advice anyway - I really wondered if anybody else had suffered withdrawal. According to the leaflet I will be over it in a month, so only 3 more weeks to go. :blush:

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Your GP could do something about that nasty rash reaction to the pain patch before it becomes infected.


Ah yes of course - thanks LD.
Yes I’m going to show it to the pharmacist when I go to the chemist today.

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Carol, didn’t you have that awful polymyalgia rheumatica?

If you’re suffering shouldn’t you be on steroids, they put my mum on them as she was in agony…so sorry to hear you are suffering with so much pain…

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Yes I’ve got PMR (Polymyalgia Rheumatica) & I’m on steroids. It’s completely under control.

It’s the other problems that are causing me pain - Trochanteric Bursitis which I was using these opioid pain patches for. Surprisingly, the steroids I take for PMR do not help the bursitis… Now I’ve stopped using the patches the bursitis has got worse & I have the addition of withdrawal symptoms!!

It’s the withdrawal symptoms that bother me most - not the pain, but the mood swings, weepiness & irrational behaviour. I’m not going to the doctor for more drugs such as antidepressant - I’m going to sit it out & hope I feel more normal soon.

At least I know what’s causing it so that’s a help…


Aww Carol, wish I could give you a cuddle, I hope the symptoms subside soon,(((((( gentle hugs ))))))

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Aww thanks Pauline. x

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Nothing to do with this thread but for the past 2 weeks I’ve also had trapped nerve in back. That is a problem on it’s own!

OMG - I feel a right decrepit old crock!!

Thanks for your answers & sympathy. Much appreciated. x


One of the golden girls has a trapped nerve in her back and she can’t have surgery because of long covid she now has. She is to have injections which may or may not work , hopefully they will work, ots awful seeing my friend in so much pain.

I hope yours untraps soon


I think talking about it, can greatly help us at times Carol,…makes us not feel so alone, :heartpulse:

I had a side effect to antidepessants when i came off even though i lowered the dose over a period of time .
If you come off something to quickly ,side effect happen, because your body has got use to it .

You would have been better with a lower dose patch to wean your self off , and put the patch in a differant place .

it was almost a year before my side effect disappeared, you haven’t been on them very long so you should feel better after a month , but I would get advice from your GP.

Thanks Queenie, I hope your friend gets better too. Apparently trapped nerve can settle down after 6 weeks. I live in hope.

Pauline - yes it really helps to talk about it. I’m feeling so sorry for myself right now.

Eliza - good advice but you know the rigmarole you have to go through to even talk to a doctor. To ask for a lower dose patch I would have to fill an e-consult in - such stupid fuss for something so simple!! Anyway I suffer many allergies & I fear once it’s started in one place it will spread to another.

Thanks again everybody who replied. :hugs:

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