Withdrawal symptoms

Ahhh Carol, I really feel for you. You have so much on your plate. Hang in there lass. Like you say, at least you know what’s causing it and there’s an end in sight.
The plus side too is that you seem such a strong minded lady, which will surely help in the battle back to normality.
Sincerely hope you feel better soon.

Thanks Pesta.x

I’ve just come back to this thread to say that today for the first time I’ve been feeling like my old self.
My appetite has returned, the weepiness & irrational behaviour has disappeared.

It’s been a difficult few weeks. Now I’m off the opioid pain killers I never want to go on them again.

Now just waiting for the trapped nerve to improve - I keep doing the exercises & I think it’s improved a bit. I live in hope.

Thanks everybody. :blush:


Hi Carol - good to hear that things are beginning to improve for you.

Thanks Tabby. x

@carol that’s good to hear Carol :slightly_smiling_face:
I have just stopped taking some medication and feel a new woman.

Thanks Meg - A new & better woman I hope… :blush:

Sorry Carol, only just spotted this. Really pleased you’ve got yourself back again!
Hope the trapped nerve won’t be too long before that’s takes a hike too.

And while I’m in here… well done to you too Meg. Long may it continue! :slightly_smiling_face:

@Pesta thanks Pesta …

Aw thank you Pesta. x