Windows 10 antivirus

I have been using Windows 10 on an HP laptop,
having uninstalled Norton. I must say it runs
a lot quicker!

Is it safe to do this? Windows does seem to be
doing it’s job as I sometimes get warning messages,
from Windows Defender I think.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

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I’ve had a W10 laptop for about 3 years, and managed just fine with Defender.

It’s a Lenovo, and about twice a year Lenovo pops up to say it’s time to check for probs., do maintenance and update. So I see that as a separate app keeping an eye on things, on top of Windows Defender and Firewall.

I use Google Chrome browser and keep that up to date. I do their ‘Safety Checks’ and ‘Privacy and security’ checks.

Thanks d00d, glad to hear that.

I’m using Edge, somebody told me it’s
the Microsoft clone of Chrome.

I too have been relying on Windows Defender, which has been doing a fine job.
I feel that I have no need of a third-party anti-virus installation and even if I did, Norton would be the last one I’d look to. I remember how, many years ago now, it took over my much earlier Windows computer and was the devil of a job to remove. Never again.

The IT manager at the labs were I worked always said never, ever use Norton or its derivatives because, as you’ve found, it takes over and slows everything down. He recommended using AVG, which I have done ever since.

First thing I do when I get a new PC is to get rid of Norton and the equally bad McAfee - both bloatware which take over your PC and make it a lot slower.

Windows Defender doesn’t do a bad job but there’s a few good freeware programs such as AVG (see Percy’s post above). Malwarebytes do a free version of their anti-malware software which is also worth looking at.

The only problem with the free versions and Windows Defender (as far as I’m aware) is that you must remember to update your virus definitions regularly. Paid for versions do that automatically.

Well, I get a reminder to update Windows Defender about every week.

As for McAfee, that’s another one I avoid as it has an annoying ability to sneak in within other software and updates when you’re not looking!

For the last 3 years have used defender.

Its said to be better than Norton and AVG and others.

Plus its FREE

Used AVG for years. Never yet had a problem.
Only ever had one virus problem a long time ago and I was using McAfee at the time.

Yes, that’s what impressed me about it too! :023:

Thanks everyone all good advice!

I have used Norton for years.

In spite of what some say, it’s always in the top 3 of customer surveys.

(Which, Techradar, etc).

I back it up with the free version of Malwarebytes.

As Judd has said, in a different post, freebies don’t, usually, run all the time.

If a program doesn’t run it’s not doing anything!

You have to remember to fire up a freebie, at regular intervals, and then it will tell you what nasties you caught since last time you ran it! (a lot can happen in a month!)

Not the best way of stopping such as ransomwear, etc.

Defender is always up in the top groups, as well, but the rules about freebies, as said above, will apply to the free versions.

Beware of comparison sites you never before heard of. They may well be just plugging favoured products.

Which & Techradar, in my opinion, tell it as it is.

Thanks Tedc :023:

It’s reasonable to assume that any PC with a limited amount of Hard Drive, Memory (RAM) , or Processor speed will get a bit (or a lot) faster if you clear out stuff which is using up the resources.

It will, probably, improve in much the same way, if you add a bigger amount of RAM, or Hard Drive, etc.

Keeping a PC perky is about doing both of the above., as time goes by!

I don’t know what resources Windows Defender uses but my computer seemed a bit more nippy when Bitdefender was installed (automatically disables Windows Defender).

However, when I look in Task Manager, Bitdefender is taking up 210-220 megabytes of RAM when sitting idle (can go as high as 400MB if it’s doing something). The computer has 16GB of RAM, so that figure doesn’t matter too much. Quite a chunk for some computers to have running as a background process though.

RAM usage might seem high but Emsisoft (a security program supplier) says a high a RAM figure for AV programs may not be a bad thing. They load their signature databases into RAM so they can give faster protection if needs be. Not sure if all AV programs do this. Maybe the ones with lower RAM usage figures don’t?

Worth noting the article is nearly 5 years old and things change. I think Windows Defender gets better all the time.

My bank gave me Malwarebytes for my online banking.

Sensible, though it’s free of course. I have it too.

10 or 15 years ago my bank, HSBC, asked me to install av software Trusteer Rapport, which I did. They don’t mention it or make any recommendations nowadays.

It is the premium version of Malwarebytes JBR free until at least June 2022. I have already had it for two years.

Funny you should say that d00d. My bank who have given me Malwarebytes Premium used to use Trusteer Rapport but I had to get rid of it as making my laptop very slow.