Wills and will you be giving

Will things tick along after you have gone, will you donate in the faith things will?

Could you translate that please Spitty being a simple soul I didn’t understand a word.


I am sick and tired of trying to be simplified. :icon_wink:

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You are going to spend the lot before you go ? :grinning:

Globally, they clearly won’t and things are looking really gloomy yet are beyond my control. Privately I’ve made my will and have taken all precautions that they will tick along and that they may help my loved ones.

its hard work trying to spend it

My uncle is leaving us his big house …it’s called sod hall…


My Papa wasn’t even a Rollin’ Stone!!!

I’m leaving everything to Charities.

I have nothing to leave. It has already been allotted throughout my family, with my wife and I housed until the last one of us has gone up the big chimney.

Those TV ads do my head in, why not remember us in your will?..
else, why not pay just fourteen pounds a month to help these poor children in Africa…
when we watch all those footballers or pop stars of african decent dripping wi gold chains
there are footballers in England getting 340,000 quid a week… let them spend their summers returning to their roots

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I stopped giving to charities years ago.
Anything i have will go to my son`s.

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Do they deserve it, even if blood related?

Who knows? “things” aren’t within my power to control alive, let alone brown bread

I’ve made sure my sons are sorted with half each of what I’ve got and fingers crossed they’ll be something left for them and I don’t have to spend it on carers and nursing homes

I think you should give to charities and people when your alive and have the pleasure of seeing it do some good, really

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I give my children what I can each year as unlike King Charles I will have to pay inheritance tax because of my house which takes me over the nil rate band .
Unless of course it gets eaten up by care home fees
I donate to charities by direct debit .
These stop when you die in my I have left instructions for a one donation to any animal charity .
My sons will decide that .
Sorted ( until I change my mind and will )

They do spitfire.
They are always there for me and do jobs we can`t do,eg electric problems,gardening,pretty much everything we can not do.
And more importantly the phone/txt me every few days to see if things are okay,and the grandchildren and d/inlaws are just as kind and helpful.
But more than anything they were totally supportive when i left their father 15 years ago and helped me move house,then when i met and married my 2nd husband they were very happy for me,and they get on so well with him and his family,and vice versa.

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It’s lovely that you are leaving everything to charity Susie… but have you thought about Cryonics?

I would definitely do it if they allowed you to do it via your Will (currently they expect payment up front or some sort of life insurance policy). Maybe if enough of us ask they will come up with some sort of scheme where it can be done via Wills :lol:

What an awful idea !
Waking up in a world where you didn’t know anyone and all your friends were long dead !

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That would be a very good idea Azz.

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Once they have your money how long to you think they will keep you frozen ?