Why the Monarchy Should Have Died With the Queen

What on earth is sad about it ?

We don’t know these people .
We don’t really know what they are really like .
The thing is to make the plebs think they do it’s all about image .

Well, they are certainly making up for lost time then. Which is completely tone deaf at this time. I don’t really know what they hope to achieve by making their presence felt :woman_shrugging:

They have to do something to justify their massive income which is in the region of £2 million a month from the Duchy of Cornwall alone .

Cor strewth Pixie as I said before, they’ve always done it. I scroll a lot of the papers every evening and I see what they’ve been doing. My favourite was when they were at an old people’s home and one of the residents was flirting with Prince William.

Today he’s gone from that charity to doing this:

I love that expression “cor strewth!” :joy:

I suppose I haven’t really noticed them wandering about, and perhaps it’s more to the fore now because it’s either them flaunting their wealth, or politicians telling us we will all freeze / starve. Kind of weird don’t you think…the striking contrast of it all? For us stuck in the middle.

Assuming thar Prince William takes two days off a week that works out as a cool

£100,000 a day .

Camilla is a hard bitten fox hunting woman who likes dogs .
She is probably bored to tears cooing over babies in a maternity home .

Typical Daily Mail crapadoodle.
Feed pap to the plebs

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lol Pixie as I say I only know about it coz I scroll the papers every night it’s always been the case, you probably wouldn’t know about what they’re currently doing if I hadn’t been posting them.

And can tell you there’s a lot more than I’ve been posting.

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Please don’t .
This DM trival has insulted the intelligence quite enough .

I’ll never for the life of me, understand why though. :frowning_face: Its like when they go to visit places that have suffered…they stroll around looking terribly serious and concerned, then jump back into their armoured cars surrounded by security and whizz back to their posh houses to have a nice meal and a glass of fizz, forgetting all about their “arduous day”!

This monarchy lark is OK, makes millions happy, can’t complain with that. Even after the horrid scandals, they’re well liked. And I’m happy to chip in with a couple of quid per year or whatever it takes.

Long live the king.


You’ve obviously got plenty to spare,I know a more worthy cause,I’ll send you my address.

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@wendeey The posts about the royal visits are interesting, quite a range of different places and I’m sure those whom they visit are happy to see them. It’s just a minority who express negativity towards these visits and the royal family in general but they, like empty vessels, make the most noise!

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Any noise is surely louder than a vacuous argument?:grin::wink:

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to be fair the article was about a visit to a domestic abuse hub which is part of her charity work but I doubt that leaving the baby out of the header would have been so “clickbatable”.

One of my slight regrets in life is not buying a doormat that said, “Oh No, not you again”. I let that chance slip through my fingers.

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whatever it takes

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Think they can just about manage without it .

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:slight_smile: My Brother & SiL used to have that in their flat back in the 80s

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