Why do we not fix the homelessness problem?

We shouldn’t have to write to our mp,s, they know this issue is a major concern and should be offering solutions

Not much use moaning about it on a social forum based in the U.K. is there ?

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So why did you start the thread.?

I didn’t .

No you didn’t, my apologies

Over the years I have written multiple letter to politicians of both parties when they have been in power and I always receive the same answer…
“We have spent many millions of dollars on housing and homelessness. We have many services available for the homeless to access.”

My beef is that over the decades both parties have allowed the public housing stock to dwindle and have not been replacing them with enough new housing.
This financial year, 600,000 immigrants will arrive in Australia.
What a ridiculous figure given the lack of housing.

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could all be a new backdrop for blade runner III heh? remember the homeless living in deserted tower buildings - strange how the lifts still operated though and I think they used candles! - fork handles or four candles ??

Don’t worry. Conservatives plan to cut homeless people in half by 2025. That should help solve the problem.

:joy::joy::joy: Yeah that’ll do it.

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Unfortunately, here in the UK, far too much ‘nimbyism’ stands in the way of many building projects when locals object to town expansions. That coupled together with those who do not want to see ‘social housing’ expanded, houses are not being built in the numbers required or hoped for.