Why do we not fix the homelessness problem?

It saddens me that successive Governments promise to address the problem of homelessness in Australia. As everyone keeps telling me, Australia is a rich country yet we treat so many of our citizens appallingly.
The solutions are out there but because there are no votes in addressing homelessness then every Politician and Political Party thumb their noses at the down and outs.
pitiful politicians, the lot of them.
Philanthropy would be a good thing. Sure, there are philanthropic people in Australia, just not enough of them.
There are an estimated 130,000 empty house across Australia.
There are so many countries doing the right thing by the homeless, or at least trying different approaches.
San Diego even provides Car Parks for those forced to live in their cars. Not a home, but they are showing empathy towards those forced onto the streets
Yet piss weak Australian politicians say that poor people only have themselves to blame.
If a person has food, shelter, and their health needs met, they can actually spend time contributing in some way to society. Making a meaningful contribution to society can help create a sense of community.

Governments only want healthy people for work or war,if there’s enough available they don’t care about the rest.

Apparently those in the UK like living out on the pavement anyway.


That is true, PSmith. They don’t like the restrictions of hostels and prefer the freedom of wherever they are sleeping. I once called a charity out to someone, who was hunkering down on the church steps opposite our flats. He declined their help, saying he felt unsafe in a hostel. Sad, really,


Rough sleepers are not always homeless .
They have complex issues usually mental ones or drug/ drink addictions …
Otherwise why would people would chose to sleep on the streets especially in winter rather than indoors .

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the street sleepers in oz quite enjoy it - it is often warm not just for a week but months?

They don’t choose to live on the streets, they have nowhere else to go…


This is not true Primus and is very simplistic reasoning .
In all big towns there are shelters and hostels that cater for rough sleepers where they can go but many are resistance to this for various reasons .
Rough sleepers are very vulnerable people often due to mental issues and substance abuse .
Some don’t think rationally …

IMO The best idea would be to provide places where they could live on the street the Salvation Army is trying these Nap pads for rough sleepers .


The places you talk about, shelters and hostels are always full and many people get turned away.
Especially so for single mothers who are fleeing domestic violence. No where near enough beds.

Single mothers are not rough sleepers .
All mothers with children are given accommodation by the local authorities sometimes in hostels and shelters sometimes in B and Bs

Perhaps it’s different in Australia

Lots of these places aren’t safe, so some of the more vulnerable ones fear staying there, now the government plan to cut the benefits there will be even more on the streets

And the streets are safe ?

I like the idea of those nap pads a place warm and safe . Here we have the bus which is safe and warm , they can shower and cook for themselfs . They are not allowed in if drunk or taken drugs .

In Oz they are!!

The homeless situation will never be fixed Bretrick, neither in Oz or here. Just like there will always be hunger and thirst in Africa. But both problems are not simply about money, otherwise they would have been fixed already.


There will always be people who cannot cope with the difficulties of life we cannot cure all the ills of the world

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Because the UK government are too busy giving our money to other countries instead of looking after our own.


Same here: they decline help, don’t feel safe in any shelter offered by the municipality or organisations if they aren’t the bully boy since the shelters are not individual and, thus, safe enough.
And, yes, it won’t be fixed because it can’t be fixed.

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One of the other reasons is that the shelters are reluctant to take in drug addicts as these people are often unpredictable and dangerous.
Often people who help in these shelters are not able to deal with violent people .

No , neither places are safe, we shouldn’t have anyone having to live on the streets or in a shelter,

Have you written to your MP expressing your concerns ?

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