White stag shot by police

How did this idiot get into the police as a sniper !
Heavy handed clumsy oafs why don’t they go and catch some thieves instead of killing innocent wildlife

Probably looking for petrol :roll_eyes:That is shite we have had white dear here on arran I will see if I can find picture Im no vet but surely tranquillisers
would have been better option wonder who got the venison

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Oh I am horrified at this!! I saw the news article about it roaming the streets, but assumed (wrongly obviously) that it would be captured and returned to woodland.

Guess I’m on a different planet then. A normal one.

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Can’t read that because of my ad blocker. I guess the trigger happy copper thought he was a proper hunter. He’ll not be blamed though as the poor creature was in the wrong place.

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Why on earth shoot the stag? Couldn’t it have been shot with an anaesthetic dart and returned to whence it came?

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… … or even netted?

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Yes, you would think that would be obvious thing to do wouldn’t you? But maybe the poor beast was causing a danger to humans?

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The old idiot Charles smith Jones form the deer society appears to have never seen a large animal tranquillised and the deer wasn’t that large .

Yes, it’s a tragedy. I wish it were otherwise. Difference of opinion here:

"But Charles Smith-Jones, of the British Deer Society, said: ‘A large wild animal doesn’t collapse on the spot when it’s darted – it’s liable to run off which could have caused even more of a hazard.’ "

They don’t run very far believe me

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If netted, they cannot run!!

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I think they would have to be close to be netted. And would the police have such nets to hand?
Please understand that I’m not happy about what happened to the poor animal.


I confess my adblocker is configured to allow the DM to do the damage.

But I need enticement by a juicier story before clicking, risking permanent brain damage. :neutral_face:

here’s a picture of a white /red deer we’ve had a few here in my lifetime 20160609_075127


A response to some of the posts.

The Police do not carry Tranquiliser Dart Guns.

It was not the decision of the Police Officer who fired the shot, this simply does not happen.

A decision was taken by a Senior Police Officer, it was an instruction not a choice,

The Police are very aware of the adverse publicity, they would have tried to get the RSPCA and available Vets involved to either capture or tranquilise the animal.

It was a situation of last resort.

What an appalling waste of an innocent life.
All that animal wanted was to find it’s way back home, but they would rather kill it than help it.
Sometimes I hate humans.

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@swimfeeders , not quite Swimmy?
We live in a capitalist society,
Vets and darts have to be paid for before they do anything ,
A policeman and his gun are already paid for , so that is why the stag was shot !
Donkeyman! :-1::frowning::-1:

Exactly the RSPCA didnt want it shot ( said it would find its way home again ) it was a fallow deer they are not huge there was absolutely no need to kill it

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There is no budget for vets in theses situations.

There are rules however, which do not cover situations such as this.

If a horned animal escapes from a slaughterhouse it is to be shot.

There is a licence for named individuals to discharge a firearm in a public place under those circumstances in the interests of public safety.

In this instance, entirely down to the Police and they are only able to shoot it if everything else has failed and it is deemed to be a an issue of public safety.

The decision was taken by a senior Police Officer, not the officer who fired the shot.

In respect of escaped horned animals which have escaped and posed an immediate threat, that was my decision, on the spot, and yes, the animal was killed.

I shot it, I have no regrets at all.

The man was obviously a total plonker a heavy handed ignorant plod as so many are . This was not an animal escaping from a slaughterhouse but a wild animal out of its environment and afraid . There was no need to shoot it .
Bloody police should shoot terrorists not innocent creatures .