Which films (any type) make you cry?

Is it “Braveheart”, “Titanic” or “Bambi”? There are some films that crush me so much, I can no longer watch them, such as “What Dreams May Come” and “Signs”…Shayamalan really knows how to hit the emotional spot with his films!

Forgive me, if I’ve already post this, on this forum. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


Not Bambi because I didn’t make the connection to real life when I saw it. But the genre that is most prone to make me cry is kids’ movies. I rarely cry at movies, but if one is likely to make me cry, it would probably be an animated kids movie because sadness isn’t expected. I would have had to have been lulled into a false sense of security to start watching it in the first place. A sad ending could get to me.

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It’s better to be raised to tears, than it is to be reduced to them - I’ve always felt that, but crying is an essential part of full-life development and films help a great deal, there.

That perfect combination that comes along, from time to time proves to be part of the genius of directors, writers and those tasked with putting music to the films that get to us. I wouldn’t want it any other way. :slight_smile:

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It’s very rare I cry but have to admit The Last Kingdom film showing on Netflix right now had me crying…right at the end. I could still cry thinking about it now :frowning:

Hopefully though just like Jon Snow in Game of Thrones Utrid will be raised from the dead and there will be another series …fingers crossed :latin_cross:

In that vein, Lewis Capaldi has a music video out that has a viral TikTok challenge for anyone to watch it without crying. Be warned. Everyone is failing the challenge.


Any films involving Onions.

The Lion King had me crying right from the opening song.

Love Story did it for me and still does when the DVD is dusted off :cry:
Even Andy Williams’ song will remind me and I always remember “Love means never having to say you’re sorry”.


ET,Bambi to name but a few.

I remember my friend and I crying when we watched Bambi at the cinema (we were 7 years old then)

Another film (movie) that brought a lump to my throat (and I may have shed a few tears) was called “Sunshine” - from the mid 1970s
I was about the same age as the main character when I saw this movie at the cinema and, like her, I had recently had a baby, so it made a deep impression on me.
There but for the “Grace of God” ( or the “Grace of Chance”, as I see it)

Just thinking of an 18 year old Mum battling with cancer and dying when she was only 20 still brings tears to my eyes - and the music and emotive lyrics sung by John Denver heightened my emotional response.

Sunshine (1973 film) - Wikipedia.

Generally, it’s emotive stories about any vulnerable creature (human or other animals) being starved, ill-treated or abandoned and seeing them suffering severe hardship, suffering physical or mental distress or illness with little hope of respite which brings a lump to my throat and tears to my eyes.

I’m not an easy crier and it tends to be happy endings where it all works out that make me cry more

I remember going to see Love Story in the cinema with my auntie and she bawled her eyes out, and we didn’t have a tissue with us so she used a plastic carrier bag!

It probably says a lot about me that I cry more over animal films than human ones

And the end of the 1963 The Incredible Journey when the very old Bodger finally gets home, a good while after the cat and the other dog, when Peter had given up and thought he hadn’t made it, gets me every time!

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As a kid I remember watching Lassie come home and sobbing my heart out.
I don’t think I could watch it today without crying

Born Free or Lassie.

Anything with a strong family theme. My younger brother fell out with us several years ago and I tried and tried to reason with him but he didn’t want to know. In the past few years he has done some awful things like ignoring my late Mum for 4 years and other stuff. We were very close as kids so it hurts very much that we are now a dysfunctional family. I have to switch off if something about close families, hugging and kissing comes on!

Lassie Come Home, the 1940’s version.

I was 5 or 6 when my parents took me to see it at the cinema (Picture House as we called it then)and I cried my eyes out, it was so sad😢

Well, these years, if I fancy watching a film and it’s about an animal - especially, if it’s about a dog, I always find out from those who have watched it…does the dog die, in the end. If I get a “Yes” from them, I never watch it. I used to say to members on YouTube, “I don’t want to end up crying at the end, and hating the film, so…should I see it, or should I not?” When they say, “DON’T SEE IT!”…I really don’t.

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Not any specific films, some take me by surprise. Watership Down had me in floods of tears.


Not a film

But the Star Trek series Picard

I haven’t seen it yet so no spoilers but my son, (38!) says the finale made him cry!

The Passion of The Christ.
A controversial film I know and not one I’d watch on a whim with a bag of popcorn.

Auschwitz and The Passion of the Christ made me cry.

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