Whenever I hear bubble bath

Whenever I hear the words, “bubble bath”, my mind empties of whatever is in it, and becomes fully occupied with thoughts that conjure up images so vivid that they could well be mistaken for reality. My eyes stop seeing whatever is before them, and only see what my imagination presents to them. That is what happens to me when I hear the words, “bubble bath”.

So, what I see when I hear “bubble bath’ is a tub filled to the brim with undulating froth that glistens with all the colours of the rainbow. In the midst of the frothy undulations, two naked bodies are writhing like snakes entwining one another. Each slipping and slithering over the smooth, soapy surface of the other. Round and round in an ecstasy of frictionless rapture. I suspect one of them is me.

I wonder: is it just me, or do others also experience something similar when they hear or see the words, [SIZE=“4”]Bubble Bath[/SIZE]. :shock:

Er…no…Do you have squids in your bath, Harbal?

I see it has a chance to play with Ducky - Quack quack :069:


No, it just feels like they are in the bath, Pixie.

No. Its probably cause you’re a perve. :roll: lol

In that case, Minx, you’ve come to the wrong bath. :018:


Thanks though. I didn’t figure you out for the romantic type but that was a mouthful of a description of your dream bubblebath. Very eloquent Harbal:-)

Yes, I know, but it’s one of those things that seems so wrong, yet seems so right, Bratti.

I’ve always had a thing for slippery women; I can’t help it. :102:

Hey! Knock yourself out. It bothers me NONE. I just had to poke fun of you for it cause I like doing that. :twisted::lol:

I’m a bully, LOL! :wink: :lol:

Well I’ve given it a lot of thought, Minx.

You mean you only came here to burst my bubble? :090:

Tread softly, Bratti, for you tread on my dreams. :cry:

Yep, painstakingly detailed right down to the last glittering bubble - that must have been hard work Harbal :104:

Actually, Minx, you would be alarmed at how easy I find it. :001:

I’m sure it’s cause she’s a real Siren :wink:

It wouldn’t take a hypnotic refrain to coax me into the water, Minx, a short, sharp whistle would be quite sufficient. :wink:

I don’t know why I’m talking like this; it really isn’t me at all. :017:

So, can I address the elephant in the room since no one else is going to do so…

Harbal, why is this post in the Beauty Section of the Forum :104:

Must be the heat. It’s clearly getting to you.
Look at the bright side, at least you don’t live Africa :069:

Your troubles will soon be over

Because that’s where the pointer happened to be when I clicked the mouse button. Anyway, are you saying my thread isn’t beautiful?

:018: And there I was thinking that we were going to have at least one evening without a tiff - wishful thinking :idea: