What's wrong with Formula one?

Continuing a discussion that Besoeker and me started elsewhere, where I pointed out the fact that F1 is so predictable, and only the most wealthy teams had any chance of finishing in the top three, barring accidents and breakdowns.

Sure, the same technical rules apply to all teams, but the use and availability of testing facilities and tracks does not apply to all the teams. In fact many of the lesser teams are running second hand engines when the bigger teams have developed new ones…

What’s wrong with it?
It’s boring.

I stopped watching it years back and unless it’s improved it seemed then that whichever driver got to the first corner on the first lap … won the race.
Very processional. Too many team orders. Too many characterless drivers who lack the hunger to win.

But I still think they look good in them tight hip hugging one piece drivers suits :lol:

You can take the sport out of racing fast cars…Wait a minute…No you can’t!..:018:

It only gets exciting when the safety car comes out…:surprised:

I’d forgotten about the safety cars.

I wouldn’t mind if they actually got somewhere!!

I reckon that all the teams should get together and produce a ‘Standard’ Formula One racing car, and bring racing back to the skill of the driver.

You could argue that all the engines are second hand after their first outing. The teams are allowed a limited number of engines per season. Change one in qualifying and expect to start at the back of the grid.

The early 60s was the golden era, I was truly hooked at the age of ten. Surtees, Clark, Hill and Brabham they were on my bedroom wall. :smiley:

Trouble is Besoeker, the engines the lower teams receive are yesterday’s technology.

It very much is. The technical regulations apply to all teams so the cars are pretty much to a standard. They all have to have a 1.6 litre V6 engine, they have the same tyre choices by the one manufacturer, the same maximum amount of fuel that has to last the entire race, the same energy recovery system

There is one significant variable - the driver.

To make it more exciting they could award points for qualifying, 25 for fastest and so on, then reverse the grid so that the fastest drivers start from the back and have to fight their way through the pack to get the race points as they do now, 25 for first and so on.

Wot…no Sterling Moss d00d?

I started to take an interest in F1 at the time of Mansell, Stewart, Damon Hill and James Hunt.

So how does that explain, probably the best driver on the track, Fernando Alonso, finishing way down the field for the last few years?

BTCC far better. Formula 1 is mostly a procession.

Sounds like a good idea that Ray, a sort of handicap system…

Not as good as he was? Better younger drivers? Different aerodynamics…

That might liven it up a bit … I imagine most drivers do more speeding and overtaking on the motorway fast lane now than they do on a race track.

Him as well :mrgreen:

Yes I was still partially interested in those day when every car was a cigarette packet. :smiley:

Me too … but more for me … Prost, Senna, Piquet. Now they were racers.
I always remember that godawful smash … Niki Lauda wasn’t it. And of course, later, Senna.

One of the major advances in F1 is safety.
Driver fitness is another. It has had to given the g-forces they have to withstand. They would make many people pass out.