What's age got to do with it?

Hi Bratti, thanks for posting your pictures. Your hair is soooo lovely. I just love your braides, especially with the colour (blue) on them…

Now the pink on mine, you will notice, two different shades of pink. the lighter one is where my hair is gray, and the darker pink is where my hair is my natural colour, which is a very dark brown, a bit towards the auburn side. And, I sprayed it on quite heavy so that may have helped to make it look like a different pink, I don’t know.

I don’t have a lot of gray yet, after all I am only 75, hahahaha…just teasing. I would love to have gray or white like my mom, but I have gray around the temples a bit and on the sides…and the rest is just blonde highlights I have put in…

I just looked at the bottle and in small letters it says Pastel Pink.

I noticed when I was trying the blue and green, they showed up a very dark blue and green, not like the bottle, but again, I think it is because my hair is a natural dark colour…

Hi Filly, it is so nice to see you up and around…try not to worry too much about the outcome, wait until you get the news…I know it is hard g/f…:hug:

No Filly, this pink is the exact same one we used at your place. I think I just put more on, or in a different spot…

Take care hon…:049: Post when you can, I know it is hard when we are sick…

Blue x

Bratti, where did your pictures go? I wanted to go back and look at them again, and POOF, they are gone like casper the ghost…hahahaha

Very good advice…thank you for the pep talk. :hug:

Ya Blue…I guess that’s why it looks much brighter…I really do love it…

I’ll do just that Blue… :049: Just thought I’d login until the Y&R begins and take a wee peek to see what I’ve missed.

I am so bored with it right now, I hate jail story lines or court cases…anyway we shall see…

I’ve got something to clean up here. I dropped my brita full of water. I have soped up the water with a towel, but now I have to clean up the rest and the broken brita. Funny I was just in Canadian Tire the other day, I picked up the Brita and thought “I should buy a new one, mine has just about had the biscuit”…well that must have been a premonition…:smiley:

I have to log off hon, see ya on the flip side…:049:

OK hon, the “flip side” it is… :049:

Oh ok. Yeah. These are the exact colour sprays I showed you in the ‘Hair’ thread and you totally look amazing in them. I can’t use too much of the colour in my hair because I’ve got too much hair and my hairs too grey. When you explained the silver streak you have going through you hair is why you’ve got the colour tone variation made me realize why you can get away with wearing more colour than me.

When I saw your blue streak I figured you had a different blue than me but there’s two different blues and I have the light blue one.

The bottom of my hair is henna coloured so it’s a bit difficult for some colours to show up because of it but the colours really show up in the silver part since it’s pigment free. I’ll show you what my ombré looks like from the back. Since I have an ombré i need to be more careful where I add the colour. Plus spraying 36 the inches of hair can be challenging but fun.

The green looks like moss hair :044:

So the bottle line is that I have FAR more grey than you @ 58.
See! I’m an old biddy already :lol:

Yes Bratti, it is a bit complicated. But I think we have it figured out now. It has to do with me having ‘natural’ dark auburn hair, with a small amount of natural gray on my temples and a bit on the sides of my head. I don’t think there is gray anywhere else, maybe the odd single strand of gray but I don’t see them…

I also have the light blue. They had the dark one, but I picked the light.

Do you think I should be going for the darker colours because my hair is so dark? I had to put a lot of pink to get it to show up over my dark hair…on the side where I have gray hair, the pink showed up as a light pink…and that is what is on the spray can (pastel pink)…

the silver shows up beautiful whether it is sprayed on my gray hair or the natura hair, seems to be the same.

My friend Anne, is going to do her whole head in silver, she loves it. She went to Shoppers today and bought her colours. Mostly the same as the ones I got.

Sunday morning I am going to church with a couple of my girl friends, I am wearing a silver and black top, with black slacks (or maybe black skirt) not sure…and I am going to do my hair with a couple of silver areas…it is going to be lovely with that top, it is black, with a glimmering silver stripe about 2inches wide across it, all the way down to just below my waist. I have a pair of long silver earrings, and two silver love naught studs. (I have three earring holes in each ear)…

Going to be fun, getting all the “old prim and propers” at church getting all nervous when I walk in like that, hahaha. I love to get a rise out of the ones who are the ‘old guard’ and can’t do “change”…but my minister will love me, cause he is very modern, young, and fun…

Thank for posting the pictures again. I love the blue in the braides. You look great with the green also…all the pictures are really beautiful…


I would like to do the tips of my hair. Do you know how to do that?

YES I think you should go for the darker colours since you still have so much pigment l in your hair. The darker colours will show up much better meaning you’ll need less but having said that, the pink really looked incredibly striking as is. Maybe try colouring all the darker hair with one colour and add a different colour to that grey streak that really stands out. You could totally ROCK that church service . :lol: Have fun.

Thanks for the compliments. :slight_smile:

With colour? The way I’d do it is add a bunch of spray colour to a bowl and tip the ends of your hair but just do sections at a time in order to let it dry. That should look lovely. :mrgreen:

What’s age got to do with wearing HATS???

For those of us who don’t do the hair dye, how about hats?
Let’s have some fun and show off our hats…

I will start with one of mine now, and I will have to get some pictures taken over the week-end with some of my hats…
Don’t be shy, put on your hat and snap a picture of yourself and let’s show them off, after all…what’s age got to do with it?


Oh, great idea Bratti. I wonder what colour I should do…maybe purple or should I do the silver?

Any suggestions Bratti? :hug:

I’d do purple tips and then use silver on that silver streak to make it stand out even more so. That will look nice.

This is my cowboy hat. I believe some have seen it before…


You’re such an instigator Blue. You look cute as a button as usual.

Ok here’s my cowboy hat picture. You’re a brat.
I don’t know how to do the photo format like you do so the little pics will have to do.

Bratti, it isn’t really a silver “streak”. It is a blotch of gray on each side of my temples, it doesn’t go down to my ears or anything that. It is just a patch of gray, and then there is another small patch just above my ears, that runs horizontally
above each ear, where glasses would run along…

I don’t wear glasses since I got my cataracts done, but I will be soon as I can’t see properly…I just have to decide if I like my older glasses or if I want to pick out some new frames. When I had a bad fall, I broke (beyond repair), my $1,000.00 glasses. They were awesome, blue and black. I loved them.

Thank you Bratti, you are also cute as a button…all my friends are cute as buttons, hahaha

Ohhhh, your cowboy hat is awesome Bratti, Now all we need is to have Filly bring us a couple horses from her son’s farm, and away we go…hahahaha

I just use tinypic.com to post my pictures Bratti. It is simple and if you want I can show you on the week-end. I don’t have a membership there, I just use it one at a time when I want to.

Have you got any more hats? We should do some more. I hope some of the others join in and show us their hats…
I will have to dig out some more of my hats…I should have a few more.

“what’s age got to do with it”? (we have to keep on track with our title) :wink:

I have to go Bratti, I am very tired…

See ya on the week-end…

Blue x

Ohhhh. My misunderstanding. I thought you had a bold silver streak like I have. It’s the funnest part to colour cause the colour really stands out.

I’m so sorry you wrecked your good glasses when you fell. That sucks but way to go in getting your cataract surgery. That’s awesome.

Pick out some brand new frames. I went to Pearl Vision when they had their 2 for 1 sale and got a couple of great frames. When one frame broke they replaced my entire pair of glasses. A total worth between $600 & $700 dollars so when my renewal comes up on my insurance policy I’ll go and get two more pairs. May I suggest you check them out? They have a wonderful selection of tasteful styles to choose from. My latest ones are purple frames by Ralph Lauren and I love them.