What's age got to do with it?

Doesn’t matter how old we are, we can have fun also. I have a friend who recently got false eyelashes put on. She looks beautiful, she is 74. I am not ready for that yet, but I am thinking about it. I am also thinking of having a diamond stud put in my nose or the top of my ear…

Right now I am fooling around with hair spray dying that washes right out if you don’t like the colour…it is so much fun, every day you can choose a colour to go with your outfit.

Today I am into Pink…


You go girl :slight_smile:

You are right, age shouldn’t be a bar against doing things for ourselves that make us feel good

Great look which suits you.

Hi ya Blue…what a beautiful picture of you. :slight_smile: I love the pink in your hair today…that colour really suits you. I don’t think that age amounts to a hill of beans…If you’ve got it girl, flaunt it…and it looks as though, you’ve got it…

See you on the flip side…:049:

Hi Missy, isn’t it fun? I love doing things like this. Why should we feel old just because we are old. Why shouldn’t we do as we damn well please and have fun in our old age…

I have a real short cotton dress that I wear when it is hot in the summer, and it is really cute, and it comes half way up my leg, but I figure I got pretty good legs, so why should I hide them.

I will post a picture…:smiley:

Thank you Cinderella, do you ever do anything like this? :smiley:

Hi Filly, nice to see you. I am sorry to hear you were sick for the last couple days…

Glad you like my pink hair. I never thought I would like the pink, but I think I like it better than the blue…

I am so tired tonight, it is only 7:00 and I am in bed already. Going to watch a netflix movie…see ya Filly xx

You look fabulous !

Yep! The colours suite you. I think I even like your pink better than mine. What’s it called again and do you have any other colours mixed in there?
It’s VERY cool and you can do anything you want at any age.
What’s age got to do with it , is right!
Have you tried purple yet? You’ll rock the purple Blue :lol:

I was out walking today when I met Sue. Lovely lady in a wheel chair with her minder, Barry, and her little Yorkie. The subject of hair colour came up.
“I’m grey” she said.
“I’m silver” I responded.
But Barry…
“I’m distinguished”

Its the sparkle in the eye that shows you are far from the comfy chair and unislipper. :):slight_smile:

I used to have a deep purple layer in my hair up to a couple of years ago. One each side about 2inch wide. I did have a photo, must see if I can find it. In the meantime there’s this graphic painting of me that my daughter did.


Awww, that is so cute Besoeker. :wink:

Oh Roxy, you look absolutely “stunning” in that painting. I just love it. Thanks for sharing that Roxy…:smiley:

Did you do the silver also or is your hair naturally like that ‘long beautiful silver look’? Oh, I’d love a paining like that…

Your daughter is very very talented…

Bratti, I have done the purple and everyone loved it. I had on a purple top one day, not going anywhere and just tried the purple and silver. Wow! It was fun and everyone commented that they liked it. I have all my neighbours getting in on it now…“the neighbourhood trend”, hahahaha

ok, here is the info and a picture of the pink bottle.

It is made by L’Oreal, called Colo Rista Spray. The bottle is only about 5 inches high…white can with pink on it.


My hair was like that naturally, it never went grey it went from very dark brown straight to silver. It was hell growing it out to shoulder length then getting it cut from waist length. These days it’s mostly dyed dark with big silver blonde streaks through it. Get it done 3 times a year.

Bratti, I didn’t mix anything with the pink that day. But I usually put silver with some colours.
I got it at Shoppers Drug Mart…they have a great selection and they were on sale for $11.98…so I bought 7. I never buy just one of anything, part of my disease I think. I am a “shopper”…
“what’s age got to do with it”, hahahaha

Roxy, your hair is soooooo beautiful, and you are beautiful inside and out. You kindness to me, has always given a boost and made me feel better when I was sad…thanks Roxy for being so special…

Love, Blue x
‘what’s age got to do with it’?

Hi Nom, I want to thank you for the lovely comment here. I almost missed it. I wasn’t logged in and I was just reading through the posts and I saw yours…

I don’t know what a unislipper is, but I have a feeling it must be an old lady slipper…no, I am not ready for it yet, nor the comfy chair, I am always on the go with something, having fun in my old age Nom…

Blue x

OH that’s the one I use. I really like it but it showed up in your hair much nicer than it showed up in mine. I have the pastel pink and the darker fuchsia pink and love them. Here are a couple of photos of it in my hair plus some of purple and blue . I hope you don’t mind.

Hi Blue…thank you, hon…I am feeling much better today. :slight_smile:

Isn’t this a brighter pink…than the one you used when you were here visiting? At any rate it’s gorgeous… :hug: