Whatever Happened To That Wedding Dress?

Probably a log time ago, for us ancient Forumeers, but I wonder what happened to your Wedding Dress?

My Wife made her own dress, she was very skilled in dressmaking, and She looked beautiful, on the Big Day.

Afterwards, she modified it, a couple of times, and then dyed it.

Then, when she came with me on a voyage to India, it was, finally, bunged out of the porthole, somewhere in the Indian Ocean. (She was allowed one voyage by the Shipping Company, back then).

What happened to yours?

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Ted, that seems an unusul thing to do?
May I ask what made your dear lady throw her dress out the window?

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Actually, my wedding dress is in a box, in the loft.
I might put it on sometime and imagine l am Miss Havisham!!


Hi Mups!

It had become well worn & decrepit (bit like me) so out it went!

Luckily I would not have fitted through the Port Hole!



I made my wedding dress and the three bridesmaids’ dresses. I’ve still got my dress and, very possibly, one of the bridesmaid dresses. Heaven only knows why. They got packed away, wrapped in black paper, in a box, probably up in the loft somewhere. I’ve also got my MiL’s wedding dress, after rescuing it from the bin - she’d thrown it out during one of her depressions, and I thought that was just so sad, so I ended up with it!

Oh the flipping’ stuff I’ve kept over the years. I really must have a sort out before the whole lot gets left for my poor children to sort :woozy_face:


I wonder how many Ladies actually wear the Wedding Dress, that their Mothers wore.

Styles change, but maybe not so much.

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Ted, Many ladies do wear their mother’s wedding dress. l think many ladies make christening gowns for their babies from their wedding dress.

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Hah, best make sure your windows are locked before you have a quarrel, Ted - just incase. :smile:

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I couldn’t have worn either my MiL’s wedding dress, nor my own mother’s dress, because they were both around 6" shorter than me! And in any case, my parents’ wedding in 1939 was very rushed, to beat my father’s call up papers (they had actually arrived before the big day, but my grandmother kept them from my father), and my mother got married in a beautiful pale blue two piece.

I have a friend whose two daughters were both married in her wedding dress, with only the most minor alterations needed each time.

I also designed and made my own wedding dress - called off the wedding just two weeks before ‘the day’ - cut the dress up and made it into a ballet tutu and a couple of very posh petticaots. I was not popular!


Better to call it a day before a wedding, than after, Tabs.


We married in a registry office, I wore a pale green suit & white kitten heeled shoes. I can’t remember what happened to it.

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I wore my 1st Wedding Outfit for special business meetings for about 40 years - I finally retired it when I retired from work!
I married my first love in a Registry Office one cold December day just after Christmas, when he was on leave from a military conflict zone.
Even though I was an immature child of 19 when we married, I bought a sensible, classically cut, good quality wool tweed suit in a soft green colour to get married in.
I loved that suit and it survived for 35 years longer than my beloved husband.

My 2nd wedding outfit was not quite so sensible but it paid its way through a variety of social occasions over 10 years - I recycled it via the charity shop around the same time as husband number 2 recycled and reinvented himself. :smirk:

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Sue wore a white cape over her wedding dress as it was in march and it even started snowing while we had the reception

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aww that made me laugh Art. Can’t imagine you like that though! You have too much vitality.


Sounds super romantic. She must have looked so beautiful.

Do people care about wedding dresses any more? They seem to cost a fortune, only get used for one occasion then never seen again.

Personally I think the Asians (speaking very generally) have the right idea, they hire the dress for the occasion, it’s not cheap because they are altered to fit exactly but still many times cheaper than buying one. Don’t men often hire their suit? I wonder why it is not common for women to do likewise?

My daughter wore a lovely puffy dress that made her look like a meringue, no idea how much it cost nor what happened to it. Her best friend (still) organised everything so I have no doubt that she got the very best value for the money.

My DIL’s wedding dress cost a fortune and hung dirty and neglected in my front room for nearly a decade before I finally had a tidy up and threw it in the back of my car to take to them so they can decide what to do with the damn thing.

I should say that both my weddings were in a registry office so my wives wore ordinary but a bit posh clothes, for my second wedding I wore a white suit (can’t remember where I found that) and looked very virginal.

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First wedding - Many, many moons ago.

2nd Wedding -

Haven’t got either dress anymore.
I think I gave them to a Charity shop. :thinking:


Magnificent, both of them.

I wonder who was the lucky person who the Charity shop sold them to.

Been tidying out the loft, came across the wedding dress, its now in one of them vacuum sealed bags, don’t know why but hey ho.

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