What time is PMQs today? Liz Truss’ first appearance as Prime Minister

And after taking the 10 Downing Street keys from Boris Johnson, it will be Ms Truss’ turn to step into the hot seat this week to face-off against the leader of the opposition.

As well as facing a six-question grilling from Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer on any topics of his choosing, she will also be confronted with attacks from the Scottish National Party’s ( SNP ) Westminster leader, Ian Blackford, along with other MPs looking to embarrass the latest Tory leader during her first appearance in the Commons.

The session will start at 12pm on Wednesday (September 7).

Traditionally, PMQs is supposed to last 30 minutes but it can go on for longer at the Speaker’s discretion.

PMQs sees the Prime Minister taking questions from the leader of the opposition - currently Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer – as well as other elected MPs.

Opposition MPs are likely to look to ask awkward questions to show up Ms Truss, while the Tories, having just elected their new leader, are likely to want to work some easy questions in there for her to secure some safe soundbites.

Ms Truss’ opposite number Sir Keir is likely to fire some questions across the despatch boxes about her much-briefed plan for tackling the cost of living crisis, including her reported ideas for subsidising ballooning energy bills.

The PM’s new-look top team will also be on display on the green government front bench for the first time.

Presumably, RoboTruss will have a central processor upgrade and be fitted with an extra-thick skin before its appearance at PMQs … :thinking:


Nothing to process. Just going to be a repeat loop of sentences which, if lucky, might be vaguely related to the questions that are asked.

Sling in a few random insults from muscle memory, and it’ll all soon be over with nobody any the wiser.


LT looks particularly white (a long night?) but has managed to bring out the soundbites when asked for answers by Sir Keir - lower taxes, more investment, more projects, more jobs, more money, blah, blah, blah … :069:

I’ve had enough of her pasty face - I’ll wait for a review later … :015:

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Just caught a few minutes be for giving up. She does a lot of agreeing, and has a lot of priorities. Non the wiser about anything specific yet, which was to be expected. But curiously, at least she was able to construct sentences and speak calmly in a coherent manner, unlike her blustering predecessor.


That much is true … :081:

It’ll be interesting when, in a week or two, she thinks she knows enough to go off-script.

I thought the PM stood up well under pressure remaining calm and coherent .
Tomorrow will be interesting when the plan to freeze the energy crisis is announced.
Considering it’s only 24hrs since she was sworn in to office I think she did ok .


RoboFace #23

Asked during Prime Minister’s Questions whether she will introduce a windfall tax on energy giants to fund her plans, Ms Truss said “we cannot tax our way to growth”.

Clashing with Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer, he accused her of “making hardworking people pay” for the cost of living crisis. He cited Treasury estimates that energy producers will make £170bn in excess profits over the next two years.

“You have no choice but to back an energy price freeze, the political choice is who is going to pay,” he said. “Is she really telling us that she’s going to leave these vast excess profits on the table and make working people foot the bill for decades to come?”

Quite … that’s exactly what Ms Truss is going to do … :angry:

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She doesn’t really understand the scam nature of the pyramid economy at all. It’s as bad as Gove’s understanding of the term “average”

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Well she well and truly messed up on her first PMQs :icon_rolleyes: by refusing to do something about the grotesque profits of oil companies - 170 BILLION POUNDS in EXTRA profit over the next two years and that’s not counting the excess of the last two years!!! :icon_mad:

And Starmer is rubbish as well. I wish Chris Bryant was doing the PMQs, he’d show that Truss for what she is in a second!!

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That was cringeworthingly funny to watch.

One less person on her Christmas card list.

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Well weirdly and unplanned I caught on the tv the first PM question by MP from my area
Pauline Hamilton; and I have to say Liz Truss totally managed to not answer the question. Hopefully better to come for the Country’s sake.

We need political heavy weights not paper weights.


He’s not exactly cutting, is he … :pensive:

Perhaps, given the chance, Angela Rayner will do a better job … :thinking:


I think she performed OK for her first PMQs - that doesn’t mean I agree with her policies and her “low tax - low regulation” ideology

She has promised to deliver on so many things - actions speak louder than words so I’ll wait and see - I definitely want to see her tackling the energy crisis and cost of living problems, but in a way that benefits everyone, not just the wealthy and the big corporates - some of the stuff she said she’d do, I’m rather hoping she won’t deliver on!

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I thought she did very well indeed she needs time to settle in and I think she could be very good.


It’s not just the PM working out cunning plans
There is a trusted group cabinet ministers , cabinet committees secretaries & civil servants.
Although the PM is ultimately responsible for the policy and decisions of the government.

Surely it’s unreasonable to expect in depth answers on day one.