What made you say F*** today

King Charles’ tithe takers, a.k.a. HM Tax Office has been giving me some grief with tax codes for a company car I no longer drive. On the phone for over an hour waiting to speak to someone before getting it sorted (more or less). I have to call them back in a couple of days over some payments made to me. But in readiness, I have to make sure my phone is charged, my stress and sanity is at low manageable levels and my coffee machine is full.


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Much to my partner’s disgust. Swearing is part of my everyday language. BUT I have to be careful when I volunteer for a hospital chaplaincy team…

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Did you know that there are bird feeders which have a cage around them which will only allow small birds to get through. We have a great deal of parakeets, wood pigeons, starlings and so on, which are all excluded thus allowing Bluetits, robins and sparrows priority.

I have those too greengage thanks but it’s not so much that the bigger birds are eating the bird food it’s that they smother the feeders by trying to get the stuff that it prevents the smaller birds from getting at it. The Tits etc have to hang around in the trees waiting to get a look in.

Maybe you need something like a small fruit cage but with a netting size to allow the small birds through. It seems a bit of ingenuity is called for.

More blooming Snow. Ggggrrrrrr.

My next door neighbour, by being a bully. I would happily swear AT him all day long, but get away with talking to my neighbour who equally doesn’t get him and understands me very well. And I slipped in a few effs.

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Nuthin’ today so I consider that a day to remember.

Some dented car shot across a mini roundabout in front of me. He/she had the right of way but drove right over this white painted cow pat. Does any one take any notice of them or is this just weekend driving?

I hear you, and totally understand wanting to swear AT him.
When I have reached my last limit, I speak in a precise, distinct, quiet tone right in their face. No swearing for me…I’m too angry to swear.
Believe me, they understand me completely. I feel it works better than swearing. They don’t get the pleasure of seeing me lose my cool. :sunglasses:

Those little mini roundabouts are a pain in the buttocks Greengage, I usually take the racing line across them, before the young Max Verstappen behind me in his Audi or BMW does… :roll_eyes:

I cursed @ Aunt Mavis for being late for church this morning. She’d already cracked a beer too. Geez Mavis!

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alla luya aunt mavis

Another F free day. So disappointing in more ways than one.

Nope! No swearing here.

i got mail… another friends gone…f***

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I stepped in a puddle, right up to my middle
I ain’t going there again.

The car in front , thinking im a ruddy mind reader grrrrr

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Was it an Audi or BMW?

An old volvo…

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