What is your experience of Tarot Cards?

Having just seen a TV advert regarding a new magazine about tarot card reading, I wonder if anyone has a set of cards or has experience of having had a reading?


A friend of mine did them at school. He got so into it they ruled his life and ended up with serious mental health issues. He even used them to predict his o level results and then failed them all miserably.

I’ve never used them or had them read to me because of what happened to my friend. Each to their own though…


I did have a one-time friend who became addicted to the horrid things. The TV advert is just a money generating sales event for the manufacturer, because the ‘cards’ are just cards that are randomly placed onto the surface and can have no relevance on the future whatsoever. My previous friend would not leave home without looking into the ‘future’ and eventually ended up seeing a shrink on a regular basis.
Do yourself a huge favour and resist any curiosity where those cards are concerned.


I have a couple of sets. And like furniture & tins of baked beans they were made in a commercial factory by the thousand. There is nothing magical or special about the cards, the experience comes from the reader.

I give reading for entertainment purposes & personally prefer to use Psycards, these are based upon Jungs symbolism & have a totally different format to Tarot. So are new & fresh to most people, plus people cannot read their own cards.


That series of “cards” and magazines is just one of a long line of money making enterprises. The one before this was “Build you own Titanic in 199 parts” - only about £700 or £800 if you collected the lot (probably cost about £10 to make the whole series).

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Beware of Aleister Crowley’s occult Thelema. We dont want the devil riding out in OFF now do we :wink::smiling_imp:

That man was the personification of all that is evil - should have been drowned at birth!

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Fiction. Nonsense. And those who fall for them.

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I’m coming back as Mocata and I’ll haunt the ragged lot of you😁

I have a set from decades ago. I stopped using them because they were spookily accurate and I wasn’t always happy with the result. They did encourage me to stay in a job that I found difficult and this did lead to success even though at the time I was despondent and planning to quit.

But I wouldn’t recommend anyone to go down the road of card reading/fortune telling. Life is just a decision tree and outcomes will change depending on the decisions we make. Part of the fun of living is finding out the next part of the story, good or bad.

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I chucked mine out…I prefer Runes, far more accurate.

I did get my cards read by a “reader” of Tarot but I didn’t really take it seriously.

As for Tarot cards - well - I believe they began, possibly in Italy, as a harmless card game such as Snap or Happy Families. Quite how they morphed into ‘fortune telling’ is anybodies guess - theories abound!

I have two sets - one, purely for the beautiful art work based on Tolkien’s ‘Lord of the Rings’ - and one, just for fun ‘The Tarot of the Old Ways’. I do not like the french one that a lot of readers use - ‘Marseilles’ - as the images are ugly and scary.
I was taught to ‘read’ them but seldom do - and never for anyone else.

Go for it!

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An interesting insight. ST.

Can I ask, when you did a reading for yourself did you find your actions/decisions were influenced by your interpretation of the cards drawn or could it have been the opposite?

I remember being told that Tarot cards should never be gifted to someone as they should be drawn to a particular pack.

Happy birthday BTW.

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Not tried those. We should really have a thread about that and another about the Magic 8 ball (that thing is scary)

I tried to buy a magic 8 ball for someone for Christmas and could not find them on sale anywhere.

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My grandmother used to read regular playing cards.

Oooh, Annie, whats a magic 8 ball?

It’s more addictive than Wordle - avoid avoid!

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[quote=“Last_Tango, post:14, topic:88553”]
An interesting insight. ST.

Can I ask, when you did a reading for yourself did you find your actions/decisions were influenced by your interpretation of the cards drawn or could it have been the opposite? [/quote]

Sometimes they seemed to better than at others - sometimes I believe I saw what I wanted to see rather than what was there. I never take things like that too seriously.

Yes - that is true - cards gifted will never work properly - however, cards inherited can and often do. I bought the LOTRs set - my second set have been in the family for about four generations.

Thank you!

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I used to read Tarot cards, I found that people really opened up to me when I was doing their reading. Usually they had something on their minds, and as I turned the cards and explained the meanings they would find a relationship with what was troubling them, and also find their answers. They used to thank me and tell me how accurate and helpful they found it, but I hadn’t done anything, they had done found their answers for themselves. In my opinion there is nothing supernatural about the cards, they are just a tool for people to clarify their thoughts.