What is the worst thing you have ever eaten?

My worst thing was baby camel at an Algerian wedding…big thick wobbly yellow fat and 3 inch hairs sticking out of it…I had to eat it as it would have been rude not to do so…

What was yours?

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:lol: :lol: Tears of laughter …:lol:
What you doing here gal …:lol: :lol: :lol:

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Olives I just don’t know how anyone can think they are anything but the devils work !

I know…I can’t see ‘‘new thread’’ at the left hand side of the screen in food and drink…

Raw oysters. They were terrible.

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Yes…I ate them too…I was in Monaco…6 oysters and half a bottle of white wine was £50…and I’m talking a long time ago…I got shellfish poisoning…and spent the next 2 days on the loo with a bucket in my lap…

That will teach me to show off!!

Oh Julie…I love olives…big black oily ones from Greece…:wink:

I love olives too - both green and black.

I think the worst things I have eaten were fairly ordinary things - just badly cooked. I remember trying (allegedly) real turtle soup - that was pretty disgusting.

Yes…I’m on an American forum where these things are considered the norm…BBQ’d turtles…and chitterlings…

Sheep’s eyes - at my Arab boss’s place not too far from a place called Habshan in Abu Dhabi province in 1982.

He came from Bedouin stock and it’s a delicacy of theirs and an honour to be presented with it by your host!

He had a large tent that he lived in behind the house he had built for his wives.
All his entertaining was out there too.

I had a good relationship with my boss, Mohammed Bin Fariah was his name and he called me his little son, which didn’t go down well with the 3rd son at all!

Mind you, he was always in some kind of trouble with his Dad!

The other two were fine - good lads and they all spoke perfect English thanks to their Dad ensuring they got the best education he could get for them in Abu Dhabi and the UK.

My boss relied on them or his Indian aide Haji to translate English but I learned a fair bit of Arabic over the years so I could do some basic chatting.

To be honest the eyeball was horrible but I had to eat it and show my appreciation.

He knew though. The look on his face was enough so I made a real show of it - and swallowed it after pretending the chew!

The eldest son asked me later if I’d really chewed and swallowed it and when I said yes he said “more than I’ve ever done - they’re ghastly!” stevmk2

I’m American and I’ve never had either of those things.

Having said that…I once ate snails for England…The French people around me were mocking the English person’s disgust for snails…

So I said…’‘Gimme a plateful!!’’

When I had finished I have never felt so sick in my life, especially when they told me the best snails were harvested from the local cemetary!:shock:

It wasn’t meant to be a personal attack.

I suppose it depends on which part of America you are from…

I’m from the UK…and have never eaten a haggis!

I honestly think that sometimes they are taking the p*ss…because they know these parts are abhorrent to us…It’s a sort of a ‘‘How much of a man are you??’’ scenario…:wink:

Baby squid. To some people they are nice but the sight of all those suckers on it’s tentacles puts me off.

No amount of persuasion or fear of being rude to my host would ever get me to eat sheeps eyes or bbq’d turtles!! :shock:

or tripe, yuk!:shock:

I have tasted tripe…particularly inoffensive, doesn’t really taste of anything…