What have you done today?

Enjoyed my day. Woke up to glorious sunshine. Went to a car boot sale and it was heaving with people and some interesting stuff. Had sandwich lunch. Went in summerhouse and finished my book. We have been decorating our bedroom for weeks …… hubby only does a bit when he has time as he is still working. All walls now had two coats, window sills sanded down and repainted, ceiling and coving painted. This afternoon he put up new curtain rails and we hung the new curtains. So pleased with them. We have a small area to paper tomorrow behind bed and between built in wardrobes as I wanted a bit of contrast there. I have ordered a new picture to hang there and that arrives in Tues.

Had a chinese takeaway which was lovely. Just messing on here catching last rays of sun in summerhouse. A truly lovely April evening.


Pleasant day … walked across Hyde Park, had lunch at a favourite old eatery, walked back.

Got home had sardines on toast.

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Did some pics last night. This is a light in our back garden:


How lovely!

I went out for a walk, cooked bacon, egg, sausage and chips for lunch, tidied two more kitchen cupboards - only six left to do - made a batch of Hot Cross Buns, and made a card for a friend’s birthday.

Oh … opened a bottle of red!

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Only just got up an hour ago (it has just gone 8am) so haven’t had much chance to do anything yet but I am keeping an eye out for the Easter Bunny this Sunday morning. The sun is shining in a cloudless sky so that is a good start.

On the other hand yesterday I ran one of my generators and discovered that the priming bulb in the carby has split and, of course, spews fuel everywhere. Will be searching Ebay for a replacement today.

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Did something really radical, very much a first for a law abiding citizen, I burnt my postal voting form. I have always voted. A rather odd experience I was expecting to be struck down. :grinning:

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Thank you ST!

Are you sure that burning a postal voting form in the UK is either illegal or blasphemous?

Only if you post the ashes back to the electoral office.

Today we are going to Covent Garden, taking our own sandwiches.

Not in this country Bruce, it my small protest. :grinning:

Wow! How impetuously crazy is that? :astonished:


I know, I feel quite the rebel, I would go out and picket but I am never sure where to stand. :laughing:


@Vlad … it’s good to see you back.

Morty! :two_hearts: good to be back and see old friends again…I am like a bloody butterfly, I flit from one forum to another :grinning:

Cleaned the oven and racks for my darling wife.

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We strolled the dogs as usual. It was a tad cooler today and we prefer that. Then we walked to the grocery store (with the dog).My missus walks the dog, I cart the trolleys and the goods back home.

Exciting stuff…

Whenever we plan to go somewhere on a Bank holiday it pours so we planned nothing. By 10 o’clock the sun was out and it was nice and warm with no sign of rain.

We rent out a little cottage for holiday lets so the people left this morning and we went and cleansheeted and cleaned it etc. Then we came home and had some lunch and decided to finish off decorating our bedroom. just had to paper the wall behind the bed. It was SO hot upstairs with the sun pouring in. We opened both windows fully and it was still hot. All done now and very pleased with it. :+1:

wellI had a very productive day. Had a nice lie in as no work today. Went to Dads, took my great niece to work as she missed her bus and by the time I got home it was nice and warm so me and John set to tackling our back patio which was looking terrible with weeds. One minute we looked and they were popping up next it was like day of the triffids!

Got every single weed out of the patio paving cracks and pulled all the weeds out of the sides of the patio and now we ccan see the gravel again, whereas before you wouldn’t have known there was any gravel.

I was quite ashamed we had let it get so bad. Now I just need some colour putting in the pots and it will be perfect for us to sit out and enjoy again.

To be honest I don’t know where the energy came from as I’ve been lacking motivation and energy lately and feeling quite down so this has done my mood good. Amazing what a nice patio can do for ones mental health.

Oh, tomorrow if it’s nice enough I’m going to paint the garden furniture as one of our tables out there is beginning to rust.


Today I did some extreme photocopying…and not once did I think of plonking my bum on the screen…radical eh? But that’s me…living on the edge.

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