What has happened to Word?

I went to do a word document today .
A box came up saying updating Microsoft office please wait .
Them another box saying it failed .
I only ever use word and office was put on ages ago .
Is this some sort of ruse to make me buy it again ?
I’d there any other way to do a simple document on windows 10?

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Not sure Muddy, I pay a modest monthly subscription to MS for the Office programmes so presume any updates happen automatically, just avoid the Cloud (on principal).

I am presuming that you have to pay now on a yearly basis .
£79:99 pa
Or £7.99 a month

Previously one bought it and that was that .
I am thinking this may be it as I have had this computer a year now .
I suppose I bought a yeas worth .

I do t understand cloud at all

Using Macs and therefore not M$ I don’t have this problem, although Adobe has now gone over to subscription-based software. Mostly all this is to avoid loss of revenue from the copying of software programs that used to happen. I also read of the way M$ ‘persuades’ users of their software in certain ways, I have no personal knowledge of that so cannot state categorically the reasons for this.

To the point of this post, there is an equivalent FREE open source software called Libre Open Office that I understand is similar to Word, others will probably know more about it than myself:



Muddy :slight_smile: I haven’t used Word since I got this laptop.

I use Microsoft Wordpad which is a basic version of Word and free to download but take care where you download it from.

Thanks Meg trouble is I have lots of documents I made in word and can’t open them l


It seems I do have word pad Meg it comes with windows 10
So I have made a document now I only have to worry about those in word that I already have .

£7.99 is what they are asking now .

You don’t have to pay. I’m using the 2016 Home & Student version of MS Office. It was a one-off payment of around £90 (at the time) and I expect this version to last as long as I do. It does all that I need.

What version of MS Office do you have and have you searched the Internet as regards that version of Office’s compatibility with Windows 10? Have you tried restarting the computer?

If you have been using your version of Office on Windows 10 up to now, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t keep on working. It seems that some sort of glitch has probably occurred.

I have had this happen in the past due to over zealous cleaning of the system with a third-party system cleaner. The cure was to reinstall Office. You may need to do this whatever has caused the problem. Do you still have the installation disk?

Also, have a read of this thread on the Microsoft forums. People there have suggested a number of things that could be tried.

There are other programs that might be suggested such as Libre Office or Open Office. These work quite well with Microsoft Word file formats. I have used them myself in the past. However, they sometimes have trouble with the presentation of Word documents created in MS Word (if somebody sends you one). I installed Libre Office on my neighbour’s computer and he has decided to switch to MS Office for this reason.

Another option is to use Office online (free). A description on how to use it here…

How to Use Microsoft Office for Free on the Web | PCMag

LibreOffice is still the top replacement free product for MSOffice with Google Docs (and others) readily available:

]Microsoft Office Online
[]WPS Office Free
]Polaris Office
[]Google Docs
[*]Zoho Workplace

Although I have MSOffice on my desktop, I use the uncomplicated FreeOffice on my aging laptop:


FreeOffice is a complete Office suite with a word processor, a spreadsheet application and a presentation program – all compatible with their counterparts in Microsoft Office.

What’s the catch? There is none. Simply download it for free and use it for as long as you want.

Thank you everyone .
I bought a new computer last year and it seems you can’t buy Microsoft office once and for all anymore .
You have to pay on a yearly or monthly basis .
I had forgotten this so my time is up .
I am however worried about my document,ents already made I can’t open them .

I had the same trouble when I got my laptop, pre-loaded with win10crap. Also, programmes such as Excel will not open either. You are expected to pay for it now unless you have the ‘key’ for the original , which let’s face it, not many people do.

How did I get around it? I didn’t, I just don’t bother. There’s no way I’m going to pay for something that should be free IMO.

I can’t say it enough times but I HATE Win10 and the thought behind it.

A bit off the subject of the original post but do you need to use MS Windows at all? Linux Mint is installed on our son’s computer and it works well. There is nearly always and equivalent Linux Program of every Windows program …and Linux is completely free.

Might switching to Linux be better than putting up with the HATE you feel every time you use the computer?

I am getting upset now because I can’t open any of my documents .
It keeps coming up application error ( Oxc0000142)
This sounds li,e some awful bug or something .
I can’t open the document o just made in wordpad

About Error Oxc0000142…


I expect the above would also apply to Windows 10

Things just go wrong sometimes and something will need to be done in order to get Word working again. Have you tried all or any of the suggestions?

If you aren’t comfortable with trying possible remedies on the computer, might it be best take it to a reputable repair shop?

As others have said, download (free) LibreOffice. Yes, it’s free!
No payments and the MS Word equivalent is very easy to use. It also has the distinct advantage of allowing you to save files as Word documents (if sending to other people, for example) and, as I have mentioned before, will open documents that MS Word cannot handle like, for example, some old Lotus documents (now discontinued) which I have had for many years. These also can be saved as MS Word documents!

My MS Office installation is the 2007 version, and still works perfectly! Like many other companies, Microsoft is in the business primarily of making money and I am not surprised in the least that they now demand regular payments for their software.
I paid for my Office 2007 and there is no way I’m going to pay again by compulsory regular charges. They have yet to demand any from me, of course, probably because they’ve forgotten about Office 2007 now being 13 years old!

Yes, Muddy, download LibreOffice. You’ll find it perfectly intuitive to use.

If it is just a case of an expired subscription, then Libre Office could be the best way to go. I maintain that it can have some compatibility problems with documents created in MS Word but they are quite minor.

If you’d prefer to stay with MS Office, the Home & Student version is a one-off payment. It is a limited version for home use but it has most parts of Office that people need.


You do if you use VBA which I use extensively and you need M$ Office. I know there are other languages but I have been using Visual Basic and VBA for too long to change

You can still buy M$ Office on disc etc (I bought one recently for the Seniors club) BUT they no longer do the Home and Student with three licenses so I am sticking with my 2010 edition.

I agree tha Libreoffice is a good substitute and I use i on my Linux machine. It too has a built in script language but again I am too lazy to learn it.

Has EBay ceased to exist?
I have Office 2019
Corel ( not sure of number)
All downloaded from the genuine website and key provided by message.
No problems.

Luckily, I keep a print of any important documents, letters etc.
I’ve actually started hand writing letters as I don’t have Word or Office any more either. Takes ages and completely illegible but, hey ho! :lol:

Damn you Windows 10! (A pox on all their houses!)

I seem to remember, on Tomorrow’s World, they told us we’d be a paperless society! I’ve never had so much paper!
Shredding machine companies must be raking it in! :shock: