What dozy things have you done

As I get older I’ve noticed I’m being absent minded sometimes.

Some things I’ve done

Lost my car in supermarket car parks, more than once!

Tried getting in a car that wasn’t mine just same make and colour

Lost my glasses frantically panicking and they were on my face

Lost my phone till my niece said ’ auntie Bev, you are talking to me on it!’

Opened cutlery drawer and there was a block if cheese in there???

Has numerous ‘stare at the screen’ moments when in my computer.

The funniest was I was out with a group of friends at a motown night and as we were leaving I had my party of friends frantically looking for my handbag until one friend started howling with laughing and pointing at me…she yelled Bev, its it’s round your neck! So so funny,

So what absent minded and funny things have you done?

Cripes @LionQueen I’m surprised you can find this site :joy:

Can’t say I match you, but I did start pouring my breakfast cereal into my coffee cup yesterday. :grinning: Could be the start of things to come :joy:

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I once knew a coach driver who was transferred onto the buses after he took a party up to Yorkshire to see…Leeds Castle. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Forgot I had a car and walked to the shops.:joy::rofl::sweat_smile:

There is a big age gap between my youngest and middle son ,as a new born baby,I went out and forgot I had him…I didn’t get far though ,rushed back ,can you believe that,:open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:

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Every time l go to a supermarket and come out, l am convinced someone has stolen my car!
I just can’t find it! I walk around aimlessly clicking my key fob and there’s no glimmer of headlights flashing!
Eventually, l find it!! Maybe l should invest in one of those naff golf ball things that go on the end of the radio aerial?

I rushed to work once. I sat at my desk, looked down and l had two navy high heeled shoes on.
When l walked, up and then down again, like the deputy in Gunsmoke calling, ‘ Mr Dillon’. I realised l had two different shoes on!!

My mother who was a legal secretary pulled her gloves out of her bag and said, ‘Goodnight’ to her boss.
Imagine her embarrassment, when, she realised it was a pair of our navy blue school knickers she had picked up in her rush to get to the office!!

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on my Daughters first day at Senior school I sprayed her hair with Fly Spray instead of Hair spray

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I’ve forgotten…

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Quickly approached the wrong woman from behind and kissed her neck as I grabbed her. She was not my wife as I had thought! This very short lass wore the same Estee Lauder perfume, the same colour coat and exactly the same hair style and colour …wow was I embarrassed :blush: Fortunately, my wife approached just seconds later and the confusion was obviously explained away. Now THAT was a very close shave indeed.



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Mmmm, a likely story. You got away with that one :joy:

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Art, i got fed up with not being able to find my car, too. I am only small, and can never see over other car roof tops to find mine, so I got one of those ‘naff golf ball things’ ages ago, but mine is a dogs head not a golf ball. I can mostly find it now, so was worth it. :smiley:

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I didn;t even know about them, now I’m going to go look on amazon!

Queenie, look for . . . ‘Car aerial Toppers’.
There are loads . :slightly_smiling_face:

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Took my daughter home one day, stopped at the co-op on the way, walked up and down the aisles. As we were walking back across the carpark, my daughter suddenly howled with laughter, and spluttered, Mum look at your feet! I had on one tan boot and one black one.

On Friday I met up with a bunch of ex colleagues for lunch. Walked into the pub, opened my bag and saw my sunglasses and said, Damn I’ve left my glasses in the car, I’ll have to use my (prescription) sunglasses to read the menu. They all looked at me a bit confused. I was actually wearing my glasses.

Walked home from the shops one day, and as I got near to my house I was concerned to note my car wasn’t parked outside as usual. Went indoors and was about to ask Mr B where it was, and I suddenly remembered: I’d driven to the shops. The car was parked in the co-op car park.

When Mr B bought his current car he was always complaining that finding reverse gear was a bit tricky, which put me off driving it. I eventually got over my phobia and found to my relief that I never had any trouble at all with it. So one day last week I was trying to park and could I get the car into reverse? Could I heck! I tried for ages, but no luck. My daughter was with me, but she’s no help as she doesn’t drive. After about 5 minutes, and dozens of attempts to get it into gear, the penny dropped: I was putting it into 6th gear, which is where reverse is on my car :see_no_evil:

It was early afternoon one day at work years ago before I realised that the Prince of Wales check trouser suit I’d been wearing all day was, in fact, a mix up of two suits - a brown check jacket and grey check trousers.


I have done a few of those as well, LQ.
I often walk into a room not knowing what I’ve gone in there to do.
I have ‘lost’ a car in a very full & large car park as well. Luckily my Daughter found it. Now if in that large a car park, I look for land marks after it’s parked so we have some idea where the car is.
I do staring into space very well.
But the worst thing & hopefully never again was suffering from Transient Global Amnesia for several hours, right out of the blue, a few months ago & not having the faintest idea what I’d done or said in that time. Daughter was so worried she called an ambulance & they decided it best to take me to hospital. I spent 5 hours in the ambulance & another 3 in A&E, during one of their busiest times. They did lots of tests & told me that is what I had had. Never heard of it before. I was told only a 5% chance of it happening again. Sent me home, no treatment needed.

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I shall be on the look out for any of these . … so far, so good, fingers crossed … I’m okay.
Scary stuff.

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When we first moved to Wollongong my first wife remarked on the number of beautiful flame trees that seemed to be everywhere, she suddenly stopped and said, “Oh! this is the Illawarra and those are Illawarra Flame Trees” Doh!

Mups, Thanks for that but…Yes, l know it’s a great idea and would save me so much time and anguish searching for my car… but it’s my ‘street cred’ l worry about…it might get tarnished! :laughing: :laughing:


I would say, even though we do these dozy things, at least we are aware of and remember them.
When we fail to do that… then is the time to worry!!