What Do You Think To The ‘Rent-A-Kents’?

‘Rent-A-Kents’ …is the name Prince Charles refers to, when talking about the extravagant couple… Prince and Princess Michael of Kent who are reported to be retiring from public life. Now it seems they are doing no such thing.
In fact, it is wondered, what exactly are they retiring from?

Are these a couple you have been interested in and liked?

Nauseating like the whole rotten lot of them but exceptionally so in their case.


Can’t say I have really paid attention to them…I don’t even know their relationship placings in the royal family. :woman_shrugging:

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Neither met them.

I do not pay any attention to hangers on or celebs, not impressed by any of them.

I am impressed by real people, who do not have to be either rich or famous.


Is he the one who has no chin and looks ga-ga, and she is Princess Pushy?
Or is he bearded and she’s pretty and used to do Wimbledon?

The latter I think!

Yes, Princess Pushy and husband!

The other Kent’s are lovely and usually presented the trophy at Wimbledon…well Katherine Worsley, the Duchess Of Kent is/was lovely.

Do these two live in grace and favour apartment and do they get money from the privy purse . …in other words what do they cost the tax payer ?

Pushy would spit feathers if she read this thread and scream… ‘Don’t any of you know, who l am?’ :laughing:

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Duke and Duchess of Kent typical royal hangers on.
Living a comfortable life in a charming cottage within the grounds of Kensington Palace.
One of a few homes in the palace grounds homes to other royals…

I hope Charles eventually has a purge of all these minor royals.


I think he said he would be doing as much, once he became king. “Slimming down the monarchy” I think he phrased it. Quite right too. There are far too many of them who do very little and yet expect too much.


One is too many. Republic now!


I’m not sure that would work either to be honest…unless you thoroughly overhauled the voting system.

Of course. The whole rotten Westminster system needs replacing with a proper democratic government model. The existing UK Westminster system is anything but.



She is absolutely gorgeous and knows exactly how to use it.

A nipple slip with her is not a wardrobe malfunction, it is deliberate.

Best recognised as such and avoided.

She is not in the same league as Fergie however.

I’m familiar with the titles, and I’m familiar with the faces, but apart from the Prince of Wales, and the Duke of York, I don’t know which faces belong with which titles. The information just won’t stay in my memory. Luckily, I’ve never been in a situation where it’s mattered.

I nearly forgot the Duke of Edinburgh, I knew who he was, but I suppose I can forget him and make room for one of the others now. But which one? :thinking:

Not many in F’s league, she’s trash

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I’ve always considered them (esp. the Duchess) to be a waste of oxygen.

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All I know about Prince Michael is that he’s the Queen’s Cousin - his father was Prince George, the Duke of Kent, the younger brother of George VI, who was killed on active service during WW2. I recall seeing documentaries which contained a number of speculations and “mysteries” about his father.

His older brother inherited the Duke of Kent title and was classed as a “working royal” as was his sister but Prince Michael and his wife have never received any money from the State or the Sovereign Grant because they are classed as “non-working Royals”, so I’m not sure what they mean by “retiring from public life”

They seem to do a variety of things to raise Cash to live on - I’ve read stuff about his Russian connections and a rich Russian exile who gives him funds to live on; he says it is a gesture of friendship.

I recall the hoo-ha about them having a “Grace-and-favour” apartment in Kensington Palace and the Palace announcing that the Queen would pay their rent from her own private funds.
I wonder if they’ll move out of their home at Kensington Palace when they “retire”!