What book are you reading now?

What book are you reading now?.. I’m reading …‘I’m a believer’ by Jessica Adams, …it was a bit slow to start with and really only kicked in, in the final quarter of the book. It’s about Mark Buckle a London teacher and a bit of a flawed character who doesn’t believe in anything until his girlfriend dies.

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Mine will seem very boring Rosie… I have 5 or 6 unread books on my Kindle at the moment… all of them are related to programming :blush: :lol:

Not boring at all Azz, I’ve spent hours trying to figure out what I’ve done wrong in excel when the whole thing crashes.

Rosie, hello & welcome - I’m from Derbyshire too.

I’m currently reading ‘The empty cradle’ by Rosie Goodwin.:slight_smile:

Re-reading the Mapp & Lucia novels by E.F.Benson.

I think I re-read favourite books more than I read new ones.

I’m currently reading The Letter by Kathryn Hughes - 2 of my work colleagues have already read it and recommended it - have to say i can barely put the book down as im enjoying reading it so much

I just started The Jigsaw Man - Paul Britton, a criminal psychologist giving the low down on various criminals he’s profiled. Interesting, I love true crime…

Apart from reading ‘war and peace’, also ‘Fatal error’ by Michael Ridpath. On my Kindle of course.

Currently on a new author for me - Elly Griffiths, Dying Fall.

I hate trying authors I’ve never read before don’t you?

I do too, you never know what you’re going to get, but then again it’s nice to be surprised, especially when you just hit on one that you just can’t put down, I do have another book on the go just now but just can’t seem to get past the first fifty pages because I recognise myself too much in it :expressionless: , it’s called ‘Women who think too much’ by Dr Susan Nolen Hoeksema.

Just read Mia Farrows biography .
Strange person .
She sounds like someone who really loves children and who had nine ( at least five adopted with quite serious disabilities )
Yet she had a relationship with woody Allen who sounds weird to the nth degree
( he eventually seduced and later married one of her adopted children )

Currently reading “Dangerous Love” by Ben Okri. A story set in Nigeria during the 70s in the aftermath of the civil war.

I’m almost at the end of A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini . It’s about the lives of two women in late 20th/early 21st century Afghanistan. A really good book, leaves you with a lot to think about.

Just finished
And the Mountains Echoed by Khalid Hosseini .

Like all his books it’s too darn sad !!!

Just finished ‘Sycamore Rd’ by John Grisham
An excellent book…just as you would expect from this great author

I have just finished reading NYPD Red 3 and 4 by James Patterson. I do love his books didn’t realise I had not read no 3 when I bought no 4 so read them back to back.

Patterson is just too gory for me and he uses too many expletives…I find his books all the same or similar story with different characters and different titles.

I like Paterson books. They are different when he writes with another author.
I have quite a few on a CD for kindle.

I enjoy James Patterson books too, but I do skim through the gory bits! Also enjoy the Jack Reacher books by Lee Child.

I am enjoying the Alan Titchmarsh book, ‘Rosie.’ Now there is a character with whom I could do business!