What book are you currently reading?

Be it e-book or good old fashioned paper books, what book/s are you currently reading?

I’ve tried in vain to start a book club but there’s not many takers :018:

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I’ve recently started reading ‘The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle’ by Stuart Turton - a very weird book! I’m out of my comfort zone with this one but it is so well written that I shall stick with it - I want to know how it ends too!

‘Stranger in a Strange Land’ by Robert Heinlein. It is a SciFi novel - which is not normally my genre but was recommended. It is certainly strange!

The Red Zone by Peter Hartcher.

Heinrich Harrer - Seven years in Tibet

Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky. I read it last year. I would love to start a second reading as soon as possible.

A psycho-thriller-mindbending-moral of the most instinctive and logical aspects of the human condition. Clearly shows that any crime really does come with its own inbuilt punishment. The conscience transcends any man-made law, and it is within this unfathomable semi-darkness that we manage to survive and evolve as a species.

This book really has been one of the most educational psychological experiences of my entire life. And as a work of art, it is arguably unparalleled.

Do not start reading this book unless you have the next 10 to 14 days completely free because you won’t be able to put it down.

Crime and Punishment does not have to be academically ‘studied’ as suggested by the opening introductions by the literary experts. Just read it as you would any other fictional novel. Be prepared to have your mind analysing, pittying, denouncing, judging, predicting, justifying, etc., sometimes all at once, for the entire duration of your reading of this work of genius.

I bought the paperback translation by Constance Garnett (1914).

Interesting… added to read list

Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky.

Excellent book!

I have just started The Curious Heart of Ailsa Rae. by
Stephanie Butland. This is a completely new author to me but I’m already hooked.

The Curious Heart of Ailsa Rae.

Hi Minxy! I am currently reading the “Over fifty chat users manual” Author is a bloke called AZZ ,
Have you read this book? And have you heard of the author ???
I am only about twenty pages into this book but it is growing on me the more l read it??
If you have read it allready l would be interested to hear your comments ??


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Just finished The Girl Friend by Michelle Frances
Good page turner!

Just started Cosmos by Carl Sagan. Am in a bit of reading referency types books of late, and have a few which have been bought for me over the years. Opened it today, probably for the first time since I got it and saw my late mother’s inscription (birthday gift) to me dated August 1983. Sent a happy shiver down my spine.

The Traders Sister by Anna Jacobs, this is the second in the trader series, I have downloaded all 5 onto my Kindle as I know once I have started to read one of her books I have problems putting them down.

I’m working my way through Ben Aaronovitch and his Rivers of London series for my light reading.

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Yep. Loved the main novels, but not inclined to read the little spin offs and comics.

Gotta be a TV series soon, one would imagine.

People You Meet On Vacation by Emily Henry. It’s a wonderful summer read!

Just finished a Norwegian whodunit, A Death Deserved, by Thomas Enger and quite good.

I have now downloaded, The Star of the Sea by Joseph O’Connor. Both are free to download from my local library via BorrowBox.

Scott Mariani - The Pandemic Plot

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I’m in the middle of the James Potter books, son of Harry Potter. Lots of the characters from the Harry books in them too. Really enjoyable if you liked the Harry ones.

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What book are you reading now? - #949 by Bathsheba.

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