What are you miserly about? What won't you spend money on?

Everyone has different priorities for their money. Some spend large amounts on dining out or the theater or sports or travel. Others spend money on cars or art or other possessions.

Then there are the things that people won’t spend their money on. Maybe on a principle or just don’t see the need for it.

For me, it’s watches. I would buy the cheapest watch I could find and make it last the longest I could. I didn’t see the need to spend so much on watches. The same thing with purses. I did spend some good money of good shoes to make my feet more comfortable. But for me, watches were something I needed to have but chose to spend the least I could on them.

What’s something you refuse to spend more money on than you absolutely have to?


Crockery, plates, dishes, mugs, etc

Because I’m a smasher ( and that’s not just my stunning good looks)

I am always breaking or dropping things because I like to do things fast and crash about a bit and it’s so frustrating if you’ve got a nice set of plates or something you spent a fortune on and break one

So I just use mismatched and buy from the charity shops and Ikea

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My husband really hates spending a lot of money on posh restaurant food. He goes ashen when someone is telling him they spent a couple of hundred £ on a meal. He will spend any amount on things like gleaming motorbikes, any sort of gadget or tech item.

I can’t really think of anything I am miserly about really. In my younger years we struggled to make ends meet and could never afford luxuries but now we are quite comfortably off (thanks to working very hard and living on a budget) so if I want something I buy it. My motto now is “you can’t take it with you.” Like most people, I do like a bargain and I shop sensibly but if, say, the only coat I like is £500 and it suits me then I’d buy it.

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I’m with you on this. I won’t spend any money on fine china. But I will spend a bit more if the dish is virtually indestructible. I buy glasses that can bounce off the floor and not break. (Ask me how I know) And dishes that I can knock around that don’t chip or break.

For me, that’s Corelle dishes. I’ve only had one dish break, and I bang them around a lot. I also get Pyrex glass cookware. Both are relatively cheap. They don’t have the look of fine china. But they also don’t break like fine china.

People often say that it’s the experiences that people remember, so spending money on experiences like eating in a nice restaurant is a good investment. Not for me.

I remember eating in a restaurant years ago. I didn’t remember anything about the food. All I remember is how I felt that money was being wasted.

Maybe if I was a foodie and really appreciated the food, it would be different.

Tossing coins into the ‘begging’ hats/cups as I pass the conn artists trying it on with the passing public. I refuse to assist in supporting their drug habits or adding to their other income from elsewhere. I used to be conned until I followed one when they packed up and headed off. They arrived at a decent car parked legally and then they took off their rough & dirty outer clothes before putting on decent garments. My car was parked in the same location, so I followed that car to a decent house in the next town. Since then I have refused to be conned again.
As for everything else, I buy what I want and when I want while I still live. We’re a long time dead and we cant take it with us, so I do not stint. I don’t spend for the sake of spending, but I do not go without or buy the cheapest available.

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Cool topic. Definitely pens. I just don’t see the point in paying exorbitant amounts of money on something like that when a Bic works just fine.

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I won’t pay more than £3 for a pint of ale !!
Donkeyman! :frowning::frowning:

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Some of the newer appliances have more bells and whistles than a person would ever think to use! These add ons up the cost of the machine, and offer more to malfunction and need repairs.
I recently saw a washing machine that had 20 settings, just for the wash cycle! It also had four compartments for detergent, softener, dewrinkle. I was trying to picture a young mother, taking the time to set for presoak, swish, delay start, wring gently, etc…when her kids are hollering her to hurry up and cart them off to a soccer game! Then pizza later. Good luck to the store selling for the outrageous price of nearly $2,000 for it. Now, as for the matching dryer… :slightly_smiling_face:

Not for me. I like the basics in appliances, well built and made to last. I don’t go cheap but avoid the extras.

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Thanks. Haha, I’m just the opposite on pens. I’ll spend a bit more for a pen but I expect it to last for decades. I’m a fountain pen enthusiast.

I was just about to create a companion thread to this one: what are you extravagant about. I might put pens in that category.

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Butterscotch, watches are my weakness! I have always spent more than I should on a watch, but I wear one every single day. Not the Fitbits and such, but lovely watches that I enjoy adding to my outfit. I am glad to say they last for years, needing only a battery change every two years.

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A ballpoint pen is okay for day to day list making or jotting things down, but I do like a good quality fountain pen with my favourite ink for letter writing or greeting cards. A ballpoint will have me in bad writing mode where I rush out my just about legible scrawl, but with a fountain pen in my hands I take my time to produce something bordering on the artistic :ok_hand::+1:


I like to take my time deciding what I want to buy and how much it’s going to cost before I actually go out and buy it. I’ve been thinking about buying a Nikon camera for years now but, as my old Minolta bridge DSLR camera is still in good working order, I can’t really justify buying another camera, yet.

I’m another one who won’t pay out large sums of money on meals out. If I can’t see a menu, and therefore prices, I move on. I can be cheap as chips, me.

Tea and coffee when out (take a flask), but do splash out occasionally in McDonalds, Greggs or Morrisons cafe.

Watches. Don’t wear one. Jewellery, don’t wear and have zero interest in.

Clothes. ‘Names’ mean nothing to me.

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Ah that’s a weakness I have … buying cameras when I don’t need them, but they give me lots of pleasure.

Miserly, I can be miserly about everything. But under certain circumstances, I can splash out, am happy to foot the bill for an nice meal when it’s a rare family gettogether, for example.

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Re clothes, I do like nice (expensive nice) shirts. But I do sometime pop into shirt shops to see what’s on the discounted rail. maybe getting a £60 shirt for £30, just something to wear with Levis.

Me? I’m just a miserly, grumpy old Scotsman - we are known for that reputation,

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I will not knowingly buy anything made in China - nothing against the Chinese people - I just refuse to support a Communist Regime.

Like Longdriver - I will not give to street beggars/con artists.

I have fine china and glassware that is used when I have guests and I handle it with care. For everyday use I like pretty plates etc., and often find some in charity shops.

Will not donate to any of the cancer related charities.

Will not buy any products made by Unilever, Proctor and Gamble, Nivea, Clinique, Johnson & Johnson, Coty … and many more.

I will spend any amount on my favourite hobby, sewing, and will happily buy any sewing aids/gadgets that I come across online, cost be damned. Well, that is if I can see they will be really useful and/or helpful, making different techniques easier and so on. And my fabric stash, oh dear, it’s almost embarrassing how much I have! I can’t go into a fabric store and come out empty handed - even if I’ve only gone in specifically for one thing, I always leave with half a dozen or so lengths of fabric :see_no_evil:

What won’t I spend on? Well, much as I have always loved reading, I won’t spend large amounts on a novel, because I know I’m only going to read it once. Example, a book my son recommended - and which I know I will enjoy, because I love the author - is £9.99 for the Kindle version. Sorry, won’t pay that. I will wait till it comes down in price.


I refuse to spend more than a fiver on a Kindle book.
And I refuse to spend more than 50pence a metre on a roll of wrapping paper.
But I’ve been known to spend the earth on something I really really love.
Aren’t I weird!

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