What are you having for lunch/dinner? (Part 2)

Steak & Kidney pudding, small Jacket potato, white cabbage, carrots, drop of gravy.

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Pot Noodle (Bombay Bad Boy) with chicken and leek added. Thickened with pepper sauce granules. An orange and a nectarine.

Hot and Spicy Pork Belly Strips, new potatoes, carrots and Courgette Bake with added chillies.

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A Cumberland sausage and cheese spread sandwich. Grapes, radishes, home grown cherry tomatoes and gooseberries. Mug of tea.

Sea Bass and Salad.

Marinated Chicken Strips and Salad.

A sandwich made with brown seeded bread. Cheese spread, Cumberland sausage slices, mayonnaise and lettuce as a filler.

Also a stick of celery, a few radishes, plum tomatoes and dried apricots. More than a few black grapes.

Peri peri chicken wings and savoury rice…a quick fix.

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salad potatoes, cod ,peas

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Grilled Yellowtail and chips
Lamberts Bay, Cape West Coast


Beef streak…

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Plaice fillet in breadcrumbs and a salad with baked potato.

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It was a hot day here. I had dinner on the patio. A simple chicken pasta salad with herbed mayonnaise. It’s usually cold salads during the warmer months.

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2 fried eggs, baked beans and chips.

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My once a month treat: Chinese egg foo yung, special fried rice and crackers.


bacon egg & chips, that was last night.

McCain over chip, first time we’ve had those in 20 odd years.

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Potato and Pasta salad with Jalapeno Tuna.

Mix Vegetable Curry and Rice.


Me & Mrs d00d had our pre Christmas lunch out at Mrs Chews.

Kings Prawns in chilli sauce, Roast Duck, both served with jasmine rice. We shared, both absolutely delish, highly recommended.