What are you having for lunch/dinner? (Part 1)

Lemon fried chicken new potatoes and home grown courgettes.

for dinner we’re having breaded haddock chips and peas, then fruit salad with fresh cream,


Venison sausages, mash and greens.

Snacksters Doner Kebab.

Spaghetti Bolognese with Meatballs. Sauce has been simmering away for 2 hours now. Almost ready for the meatballs.

Some vegetables are nice on the grill too. My favorites are asparagus, red bell pepper, thick slices of onion on a skewer.

Tonight we’re having snake and pygmy pie and chips. Mine will be washed down with a nice cold glass of Banks’s mild from a can.

Since pasta alla Bolognese is actually a ragu (a meat
sauce), I’m wondering why the addition of meatballs. :surprised:

Lunch - was home made Leek Soup with an egg/cress sandwich.

Dinner - Home made sweet/sour chicken with lots of veg and egg fried rice.

Because I love meat. The more beef the better. Plus, I also had plenty of meatballs left, I can make several meatball subs with melted Mozzarella on a toasted chewy roll. Yum :smiley:


You are very lucky, saturated fats, such as steak and cheese, both of which I love, are now forbidden.

A once a month treat.

Not even any fat on bacon.:cry::cry::cry::cry:

Ooh yum. Put some mushrooms on it too please. :smiley:

Some fruits go well on a grill too.
My favourites are papaya, peach and pineapple.

But sadly it’s not really grill (here I think we’d say “barbecue”) weather, unless you’re quite devoted.
Turning what you’re trying to cook while you’re shiverring uncontrolably doesn’t work very well in my experience - and being wet too certainly doesn’t add to the experience.

Oh I do like grilled peaches! Haven’t tried the others.

Today’s lunch was the last of the Leek soup with a ham sandwich.

Dinner was home cooked spiced Gammon and salad.

I’m having a Chip Shop Fish Fillet Quarter Pounder, on a Brioche Burger Bun, with Mayonnaise.


Luncheon was home made Cream of Celery soup.

Dinner will be Kedgeree - but made with smoked salmon instead of haddock, and a little buttered spinach.

Chicken tikka - home made.

Ham Hock & |Cheese & Onion Potato Pie.

Oh dear a languishing thread heh Azz what do we do with these? in the mean time my lunch today on the 19th august 2021 just in case this site clock don’t work!

I sorta eat around the clock and when the urge takes me so breakfast can’t remember now stml kicking in but lunch is still fresh in my tum. one of my favorite asian dishes is Bechalan spicy prawn and runner bean mix. Messy to prepare but easy to cook and delicious to eat:

grind the following in a mortar with a pestle:

6 shallots - cut; 3-4 garlic cloves also sliced; half a tablet of bechalan broken; 3-6 teaspoons of red chilli sauce depending on heat you like ; 8 baby dried prawn soaked for 10 mins in lukewarm water if you can get them but not essential; all mashed up to a mulch

prepare your cooking utensil - I prefer a flat bottom heating pan with glass lid! - 3 tablespoons of oil into heating pan in meantime:

prepare rice and put on the boil - cut the runnerbeans into 2 inch lengths and take frozen prawns 10 out of freezer and allow to defrost.

once oil is warmed [not boiling] place chilli mixture from mortar and put in oil allowing to simmer until aroma is produced - only take a few minutes the:

place in runner beans and prawns and allow to cook slowly adding few teaspoons of sugar and salt - continue cooking for few minutes:

add five tablespoons of water and simmer for 30 mins or so until water has mixed well with oil and all foods to produce a light liquid sauce - allow to cook until beans and prawns are done

take large spoons of mixture and add to rice on dinner plate.

mine today with 3 teaspoons of spice chillis wasn’t too hot so I could have pushed it to 4 or 5 experience will tell you what suits you. Recipe says 3 tablespoons of chilli spice but I found this done once too hot for me almost!

bon appetit

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