What are you having for lunch/dinner? (Part 1)

This is always a popular little subject and a thread which can be picked up and put down as the mood takes us.

Today - hopefully a barbecue, but however it’s cooked it will be grilled tuna steak, brushed with garlic oil and dusted with chilli flakes, sautéed sweet potato and sald. Yum - and Omega 3 too :slight_smile:

Lunch was a roll with pastrami and cornichons and an apple.

Lunch was a brown roll and a Banana :slight_smile: That’s all I fancied x

Just had dinner - it was lush! Stir fry which included chinese-style chicken, mushrooms, peppers, courgettes, beansprouts and egg noodles.

There’s enough left over for “tea” tomorrow night too :smiley:

Dinner will be my Not-Exactly-Minestrone soup, tossed salad and a roll; tea and a double chocolate chip cookie for dessert.

We had Pizza, wedges, and garlic bread for our dinner :slight_smile: Was yum! x

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Traditional roast for us today - bone-in rib of beef, Yorkshire pudding etc, with blackberry and apple crumble and ice cream to follow
Looking forward to it; it’s about 8 weeks since we’ve had a home-cooked ‘Sunday lunch’

Roast beef for us today. A nice rib - cost over £12 :shock: but will be very worth it. This is one of the few times that the dogs don’t get the leftovers :smiley:

Roast beef for us too!! yorkshire pudding, and veg!! Yum Yum!!

Broiled trout, curried cauliflower, potatoes rissole and a roll!

For lunch I had tuna with mayo and sweetcorn on wholemeal bread-followed by an apple and banana-
my sister came for tea and we had chicken with a scrumptious salad and baby new potatos followed by (courtesy of Morrisons) fruit tartlet-slices of lime-strawberry-mandarin orange on a bed of custard in a pastry case-yummy :slight_smile:

Monday is “cooks night off” … just a bacon and cheese sub, sprouts, Kettle chips and two mini spring rolls with wasabi dipping sauce.

I too had a ‘second day’ meal, with cold roast beef, reheated boiled potatoes and green beans. Nothing wrong with that though and all prepared and ready within 10 minutes.

We’re having a mini heatwave and too warm to want a heavy meal, so am just fixing cold spicy Szechwan noodles, and will eat a few small garden tomatoes on the side. Not exactly a nutritionally balanced meal, but tastes good and t’will do.

Sounds ok to me:-) not having heatwave here so having to cook:-(

We had sausages, mash, runner beans and onion gravy for supper. Our Duke of York pots are really only good for mashing, but fine as mash. The beans are still cropping so well and we are trying to keep up with them!

We had burger in a bun with salad :slight_smile: I didn’t fancy cooking today, was too hot x

Anyone like a cold pasta salad recipe for days when it’s hot and you just want something light?

Main meal today Chicken Cacciatora.
I’ve just put the recipe in the recipe thread.

Oh I’m off to have a look!

I had a cheese and tomato roll for lunch and for dinner we are having pork chops with new pots and carrots and beans fresh from the garden this morning, yummy :smiley: