Well, l Didn’t Know This About Oxo. Did You?

I suppose like me, you have always taken the Oxo cube out of its wrapper and crumbled it into the dish you are cooking?
I mean, Katie and Linda Bellingham always did it that way!

It now seems we have been doing it all wrong and that we should treat the unopened Oxo cube as a sachet!


Did you know this, or have l been living in the dark ages? :slight_smile:

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Ah - but does it taste any better, Artangel.

By the way - the video that followed on from yours - was also eye opening! Did you know that Vegetable Oxo Cubes contain meat products?

No, :-)ST, it won’t taste any different but it will be less messier! Using this method, I didn’t squeeze the sachet with my fingers but just tapped it lightly with the rolling pin… you know the one l used to use to whack my husband around the head with!

No, l didn’t see that about the vegetable Oxo cubes. That’s bad.
I will have a look.

That is not how the company that makes Oxo cubes tells you how to do it. Just because someone on a youtube video say’s we are doing it all wrong, does not make it so.

I have been using a similar technique for many tears but I cut out the initial “spreading” of the sachet - I merely crumble the cube between thumb and forefinger, which “spreads” the cube then tear off a corner before deciding whether to add straight to the cooking pot or dissolve in water first.

I started off doing it as I was idly watching the onions and meat browning when starting a spag bol or chili (or similar) when living in bedsits many years ago - it was a way to avoid “making a mess”.


I didn’t know that either Arty, all these years and I didn’t read the instructions…:frowning:

For Gawd’s sake, what does it matter, the taste is still the same.

If you don’t want to make a mess, then just open the cube over the pan, or a saucer, instead of all losing half of it over the worktop. :slight_smile:

HaHa … dontcha just love youtube. :cool:

When I lived in bedsits, worktops were a luxury that were rarely provided … :102:


Omah, It sounds like you were very progressive!

Of course it doesn’t, Dodge but it’s a lot less messier.:slight_smile:

I’ve become a Knorr stock cube person in recent years and am now prepared to come out of the closet about it. :slight_smile:

If I ever go back to Oxo, I’ll remember to give the sachet way of doing things a try.

Foxy, This is the reaction of most people as we just automatically open the foil, remove the cube and sprinkle it!

No point in reading the instructions as they don’t tell you how to do it! :lol:

Mups, This thread is not about the taste! It is about a method of crumbling an Oxo cube with less mess.
Many people didn’t know this and welcome the advice.

Anyway, if you do not do it how Lynda Bellingham did it in the Oxo advert, your doing it wrong because we all know how real and to the point adverts are don’t we?:-):-D:lol:

YouTube, can help at times!

mart, I have never used Knorr stock cubes. I always think they are the poor cousin to Oxo. :slight_smile:

Yeah Dodge, I am so easily led! :lol::lol:

It was a time of cool jazz and girls with spectacles wearing baggy sweaters … :cool2: