Water shortage!

So now I know why I can’t buy Highland spring, why tesco had signs up saying only 3 bottles per customer. Yet more shortages, but this time of our basic resource - water! The only bottled water in plentiful supply is Ashbeck - can anyone vouch for this? According to reports it’s from the lake district. Until this year I had never seen it.

I managed to find some Buxton (not a favourite) but otherwise shelves are bare. Bring back Highland Spring - it’s the best!

the Thames is drying up also? - feels like the fall of Pompei heh?

Tap ?


I will drink it in tea but it is full of chlorine etc. I’ve read that cats and dogs prefer rainwater because it doesn’t have the chlorine smell.

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Ugh just tried to order via Asda online and they are rationing to three bottles per customer!

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Could you boil the water before drinking it? Or invest in a water filter? I think plastic bottled water has a taste of its own anyway, since it’s been sitting for a while after being bottled.

Interesthing that everyone rationing their water though… :thinking:


We have a filter jug for water boiled and used in tea. But it’s not so appealing drinking it straight.

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@AnnieS , Having lived on rain water for 18yrs l agree with the animals
on that Annie, but the animals still preferred drinking from puddles to
drinking the water from ,their bowls ( my dogs and cats that is).
Rain water is also , soft and makes better tea as well as being better for
washing your hair !!
I wouldnt recommend using rainwater in uk for drinking though, due to the
high levels of pollution !! :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

I drink loads of water… from the tap.
I have never bought bottled water as l feel it’s a waste of money.


Have any of you ever noticed that no matter how old it is, or how much water has run through it, water from a hosepipe tastes weird?

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Yuk, l couldn’t drink water out of the garden hose.

Is this something you do regularly, or just your party trick?

I usually do it while walking around in the garden, watering plants and pruning roses as I go.

Did this last week, and security threw me out and the RHS refused to give me a refund.


@Artangel , It is a waste of money Arty, plus creates a lot of plastic waste !!
It is not unknown for bottled water companies to filter the tap water and
then sell it on as spring water !!
The vast amounts of bottled water being produced now are unable to be
satisfied by natural springs which are relatively slow flowing and also
intermittent !!
I can now hear the groans of the health freaks !! :hugs::hugs::hugs:

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Yes, tap water here too but filter it.

Boom boom!

Bottled water has additives in it, doesn’t it?

Popular bottled water brand Dasani, for example, lists magnesium sulfate, potassium chloride, and salt

@Artangel , l dont suppose it states if those chemicals were added or not
does it ?? :thinking::thinking:

Liz Truss is going to provide free water for the elderly and anyone who lives north of Watford gap. Branded in her own bottles, it’ll contain goody additives including mercury, strychnine, arsenic and potassium cyanide.


Always drink tap water

@Dextrous63 , And so we get ‘gin and it’ !! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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