Washing Your Clothes

Do you wash your clothes at home?

Take them to the laundry?

How do you manage to wash large items, like duvets?

Do you separate your washing, putting the whites in , then wash?
Colours then wash?
Or do you put all of your washing into the machine, then wash?

Tell me how you do your washing? :grin:

What make is your washing machine?


No one could possibly be interested in this Pauline.I think you should declare any financial interest yo may have in any white goods manufacturer.


I got a like…just because you aren’t interested, doesn’t mean others won’t, …we will find out…it’s just a bit of fun…

I wash…whites first.

Then colours go in together.

Duvets go to laundrette.

Some clothes go to dry cleaners.

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Don’t wash your dirty linen in public,that’s what my mum always said.


This is about washing your clothes.

What your saying has another meaning, nothing to do with washing clothes.start a thread about it if you wish…please don’t start putting my topic down…it’s supposed to be fun…for others to join in, if they wish…

Yes I do.
I can get a single duvet in my machine, just.
I put all clothing in together, but do keep dark & light clothing separate.
I fill up the powder dispenser with Percil non-bio & the fabric softener one with Comfort, the blue bottle, then add the load to wash, then switch it on, I use quick wash as none of the clothes are really dirty. :grinning:
My machine is a Zanussi washer/dryer.

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Ok.This was quite funny.I was in a laundrette reading, waiting for my clothes to be done.When the machine stopped I took them out but not from mine.Fortunately they were on a service wash and I only had to explain it to the laundrette lady not the owner.

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Does your dryer manage the duvet okay Tiff?

I can get my single duvet in Tiff, have to take the double to the laundrette…would you recommend a washer/ dryer…my son is after one?

Zanussi is a good make I believe.

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Oh my, you’re not that hunky guy in that old TV advert are you who whipped his jeans off.
I used to work in a launderette. You’d be surprised at how often that happens. It’s easy done.


It is until it conks and then the parts cost almost as much as buying a new washer.

Yes I am.How did you know ?


It’s the way you speak in a hunky drawl …I just imagined you wore blue jeans that’s all.


I thought you said my thread wouldn’t take off, smarty pants,:joy::joy::heartpulse:

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Be precise Pauline … sexy blue jeans not just any old pants.

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Yes, my machine is insured with BG…they said it would have been binned, if I hadn’t had insurance, I had a new drum fitted, which apparently would have cost as much as the machine nearly.


I’m glad you’re back, we’ve had our moments…but you are… funny…:joy::joy:

I don’t dry it in the dryer, I hang it up, it dries quite quickly.

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I love mine, but it is old now.

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