Washing - how do you dry yours?

My tumble drier is broken so yesterday I was forced to dry a load of towels on the radiators and they’re as stiff as boards!!

Anybody on here not got a tumble dryer? How do you dry your washing on winter days? :confused:

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Wind and solar power I have a washing line dont believe in tumble dryers .

They dry like sand paper dont they Carol…ironing with a steam iron softens them a bit if that helps.

Me too, Muddy, wouldn’t have a tumble dryer as a gift.:smiley:

I don’t have a tumble drier and wouldn’t have one as a gift they use large amounts of electricity.
I still manage to get my washing dry outside most of the time in the winter when I can’t it dries on a rail in the kitchen.

I don’t have enormous amounts of washing living alone but I do have 2 dog towels daily and wash hand towels/tea towels/and of course underwear daily and bedding ever 5 or 6 days .
Doing little and often washing in the winter keeps the amounts down and makes the task of drying it easier.

I am just off to hang Chloes covers from her 2 beds on the washing line outside , they get washed at least weekly too.

I have never owned a tumble drier, if the weather is bad I put all the washing on the clothes airer and it always dries overnight.

I would never put wet washing directly on a radiator.

I do the same Mags I put it on the airer which I still refer to as a clothes horse !

We have a tumble dryer and use it for drying some of the washing. The rest gets hung on a clothes horse and shut in a small bedroom with a dehumidifier set to drying mode.

Iron some clothes damp helps, if weather is too bad.

I used to have the old type wooden clothes horse Muddy. :smiley:
I called my new one the same until I realised everyone was calling theirs airers! :lol:

Carol knows that I resisted buying a tumble dryer till recently and I’ve had mine about a week. I do usually hang my washing on clothes horses (or airers, lol), and sometimes set the dehumidifier going. In the rental I had a large spare bedroom, where the boiler was, and kept damp washing in there. I also went to the launderette a lot to use their dryers, and bed linen or towels would be hung over the bannisters to air, as there was loads of room.

Used my tumbler just once so far, as not done any more washing. My clothes line is very short, because of the small size of the garden.

If the weather is bad I hang my laundry in the garage and leave the windows open so it still has that ‘fresh air’ smell!

I try to keep humidity down to about 50%. The tumble dryer is in the garage and the moist air is kept outside. The dehumidifier gathers in the moisture from the clothes, so it doesn’t go into the air in the house.

Same way as I dry them on summer days, on my Hills hoist in the garden.

The only difference is that on summer days the washing takes a couple of hours to dry, on winter days it might take 3 or 4 hours to dry depending if there is any wind.

If it is raining I don’t wash or on the rare occasion that I do I hang things in the car port.

I don’t own a tumble dryer, actually I have never owned a tumble dryer.

I keep meaning to get one of those drying racks that my Grandma had .

I haven’t got a tumble dryer either, so just have to manage like others have said, and use a couple of fold up airers overnight.

I wouldn’t mind one of the drying lines that go over the bath. My old one, provided with the flat when new, soon had sagging lines, so when my nephew in law did the bathroom, we tried to put up a new one, but it didn’t work, somehow. The washing was able to drop moisture into the bath and being high up, dried nicely. And I used to open the window.

Can’t do it in this bathroom till I change/remove the shower screen.

I love my washer/dryer. No room for an airing rack, but if an item can’t be tumbled I have a airer that I use for drying, right in front of a hot air vent in here. It works for most clothing, they dry OK, but not towels, they do dry hard & nasty if not tumbled. My Daughter doesn’t have a dryer & her towels are horrible to use & those do get dried out doors too.
I wonder f it’s the modern washing powder. In the days when my Mum did her washing with a boiler & proper soap rather than detergent & dried all her washing out doors then ironed it all, (something I do not do), I never remember hard scracthy towels then.

My mother had a mangle it certainly got the water out .

So did my Mum. Washing day was Monday too. Now I do a wash any day I want.
Can you remember the smells of wash day, Muddy? Not the same now is it. :lol: