Vinyl records making a comeback

Have you kept any of your old collections?

I still have every single 7" and 12" of the Dave Clark Five. And I still have all the singles and albums bought when I was young, apart from an odd one that I didn’t like, and maybe got rid of at a carboot. How could I get rid? They’re a part of me, and my past.

And have you seen how much it costs to buy now? They said on Breakfast tv one of Queen would now cost £27!!! :shock:

I know Sainsburys sell a few albums, around the £20 mark, I think.

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I still have a very large collection of Vvnyl going back to the 60`s and would not part with them, i do plan on getting one of those record players that convert your vinyl to digital this year.

No we sold our collection and my dads when we were unemployed and needed to pay an electric bill. We’ve spent ensuing years building up a collection of CDs and MP3 files. Now have far more music than we ever had on vinyl.
I can’t see us going back we listen to most of it on mobile devices or in the car, neither place is vinyl friendly.

Nom, I have both a vinyl converter, and one for cassettes. However, I’ve been too lazy to do it.

Julie, I can understand that from your PoV/situation. Needs must.

To be honest Jazzi, it would take years to convert my collection all LP`s. I have a few really rare albums but i like the sound on vinyl and love the artwork on the covers.

Yes, it would me too! Seeing as you have to play the record in real time to record from it.

I wonder if i would be tempted to offload them all if i converted them to digital, never used EBay, but ive seen stuff going for a tidy sum.

Hi Nom, i sold 5 Lps on ebay and got a good price.

The cost of Vinyl in the record stores is high but as the volume of pressings must be quite low and that could explain it. What puzzles me is why certain groups always have high prices on their work, Beatles, Floyd, etc they must have made a mint already yet they are much more expensive than contemporary work.

I sold all my vinyl albums and singles yrs ago now :frowning:

Or, as was explained on Breakfast show this morning, up to date technology means digital artwork can be impressed on the disc. Probably hence the steep cost. Oh, and they’re now pressed in Europe. Seems we no longer have the means to do so here in the UK.

We used to have a Philips factory about a mile away (Emjay might remember it,) and a friend’s brother smuggled out a Dusty Springfield single under his clothing for me. Yes, it was warped!

Me too. I didn’t have that many but I wish now I had kept them, not necessarily to play but just to look at occasionally. They were so much more interesting than CDs. Personally, I miss the mellow sound of vinyl although 8 track was probably the best but never really caught on.

I wouldn’t want to play records again in the old way.
Why the come back? - What’s so good about it I wonder?

I can understand it in a way, an analogue recording sounds better than a digital one (or it did until my ears started to pack it in)

These days I cannot tell the difference between the poorest quality MP3 and the original recording so I am with you. I would much rather have my server store 3000 songs which I can play very loudly over my stereo by selecting the tunes or playlist on my tablet. I can even select speakers in the house or on the patio. Playing a record and having to turn it over seems so labour intensive.

I think over all, music does not sound as good as it used to. It’s convenient having cds and ipods but true stereo seems to have disappeared.

I still have some, all of John Denver’s, some Dire Straits, ELO, Status Quo & others, plus pop singles from the 60’s.
Sadly I virtually gave away all my Beatles albums, bad mistake on my part.
I have a turn table still, it’s part of the music system, but I haven’t used it for years, nor the rest of it come to think of it.

I got rid of all my Vinyl years ago
Who wants to keep getting up and changing the record then you end up with albums strewn all over the floor as you keep telling who evers there have you heard this track then you need two decks to set up the next track before the other is finished
plus storing 3000 albums
No digital is best and a hard drive that stores all your music you can make up all your own playlists then put them on pen drives

Or is it just me?

I had to sell most of my vinyl collection of around 800 albums about 15 years ago due to space and financial problems, most went to a car boot and I got virtually nothing for some classic albums.:cry:
I kept about 30 albums and 50 singles, mostly rarities and ones which meant something special to me. Alas, no Pink Floyd vinyl was retained.
Since then though, I have a “collection” of around 6,000 albums, mostly on CD and acquisitions from illicit means:shock:
I’m thinking of buying a new turntable soon and start collecting again.:slight_smile:

I bitterly regret donating all my husband’s vinyl collection to the local Hospice shop. This was about 7 years ago and there was really no interest in vinyl then. I would have liked to have kept some of the album covers to make a nice collage on a wall, but then the records would have had no value whatsoever. Folsom Prison? Meatloaf? The Chieftains? Memories …

Vinyl outsold CDs in the second half of last year.

The purists want a more organic, warmer sound than we have with CDs.

At this point in my life I’ll stick with my CDs.