Used Cooking Oil

How do you dispose of it?

I used a used coiffed jar and put it out in our weekly garbage

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I dispose of ours at the local recycling centre.


I’ve got one of those big glass sweet jars that I keep in the cupboard under the sink that I pour it in. When we take something to the recycling centre, I pour it into a tank they have for it there.

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No problem getting rid of it here, it is recycled, people buy it to turn into diesel fuel for their vehicle. There is one local delivery van that occasionally smells of fish and chips as it drives past.

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I avoid deep frying anything. But the powers that be say that you should put it in a bottle in the non recyclable rubbish bin. That just doesn’t feel right.

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i put it in a jar with screw lid then it goes to tip.

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I used to have the wife smear it on my body before dancing naked in the moonlight, oh wait wrong oil wrong thread. :rofl: :rofl:


Thank you everyone for your replies. The reason I asked - I was considering buying a small deep fryer for recipes such as Doughnuts, Potato Puffs etc., - which just don’t taste the same cooked in shallow oil - and was not sure what to do with the used stuff.

Can’t really put it in jars because glass is not allowed to go in the rubbish bins. If I used old tins - how do I seal them? I do not own a car or live near a recycling centre. The people who collect it for turning into fuel only collect from restaurants/cafes/take-aways etc

I think I will forget it and resign myself to a life without Doughnuts or Potato Puffs!

Fresh Greggs mini doughnuts is the way to go, as for potato puffs yuk. :grinning:

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Or just buy them now and again

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@Bratti - Sainsbury’s jam doughnuts aren’t too bad - but potato puffs are not available commercially. They need to eaten as soon as made!

Do you get your milk in plastic bottles? As long as you let it cool, you could pour it into one of those and put the lid on? Or lemonade bottles etc. I suppose a plastic ziplock bag might work, tucked into a tin to stop it squashing.

Or you could get an air fryer! You can make doughnuts and potato puffs in those.


Yes … this is what I was thinking.

We don’t fry anything (air or oil).

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I once had an air fryer, the chips it made were rubbish. :grinning:

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Haven’t made chips at home in 50 years. Might visit a chip shop and/or McD twice/yr.

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Good grief - no. I don’t buy anything that comes in plastic bottles.

Not worth buying an air fryer just for those though - I’ll abandon the whole idea. :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

Normal stuff like sausages, bacon, eggs etc., I don’t need oils or fats as I use ceramic frying pans - much healthier.

Haha. That’s an understatement for sure. They are ghastly. I tried this just last week. It was funny and annoying at the same time :rofl:😵‍💫
It makes wonderful homemade fries though