US moves to ban abortion

Yes it does my daughter has one and so does Mrs Bread

Go learn something Muddy and stop making things up

Abortion is contraception for a lot of women that’s one of the reasons wade roe was overturned.

Just think 6 monthss ago you wanted the NHS fired for not being forced to have medical procedures. You have to laugh … my body my choice :lol:

I am going to put this out to everyone here .
There is supposedly a mutual block on Bread and I imposed by Azz see below

Hi Bread + Muddy,

It’s become apparent that relations between you are beyond repair so I think it’s best for everyone if you ignore each other from now on.

This means you may no longer respond to each other (directly or indirectly) nor can you take part in each other’s threads or PM each other.

Please note if you ignore this block your account will be closed (and if the other person ignores this and you spot it, please PM me so that I can take action, thanks!)

Thanks for your understanding,


Bread contines to ignore this and post provocative stupid and ignorant posts in order to elicit some sort of response.
I have continued to respect this ban as best I can.

I’ll take part in whatever threads I want thanks.

If you cant stand by your own opinions and resort to having forum members blocked then it proves I was right all along.

We can still be friends I promise … as I’ve demonstrated by sticking by the rules.

I’m sure everyone who hates me can’t disagree with that

It doesn’t work that way Bread.
It’s Azz who judges the Mutual Block is necessary and imposes it … it’s not a decision made by another member.
It’s often best to abide by it or risk a suspension.
I should know. I’m just trying to be helpful here, nothing else.

Thanks for your help

I was under the impression that the block was enforced by the forum disabling the reply button or something like that.

Apparently not… it looks like a handshake agreement so ok I’m in.

If you could send me a link to the forum rules that says that it would be great, just to make sure you’re not making things up - I hope you understand.

Now that sounds like a sensible action :heavy_check_mark:

No problem … except for one.
I wouldn’t know where to find a link to the details about it as it was a rule introduced on the old site and carried over.


So there is no rule ?

I don’t think that is true, my first wife had an IUD for over a decade and she definitely had regular periods.

She actually had one of the dodgy IUDs that was found to occasionally pierce the womb wall though she herself never had any problem with it. From memory it was like a ring with spikes around the circumference but that might be wrong, in fact a thing rather like a springy hair clip comes to mind also, it was made of copper. I can’t recall the name but it was a 1970s thing.

When she finally had it removed it was easy with no ill effects either.

Yes there is … called a Mutual Block, created by Azz, the owner of the forum. Doubtless it’s mentioned somewhere on the forum but I can’t think where offhand.

But … it’s nothing to do with me and I was just trying to be helpful and I’m going way off topic so I’ll leave it there so the original discussion can continue uninterrupted.

But I don’t have a mutual block with you right ? Only your friend ?

Trending on Twitter is the calls for the assassination of Clarence Thomas (also Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot taking to the stage at Glastonbury to proclaim “F**K Clarence Thomas”) … even AOC yesterday was saying that anti-choice (whatever that means in this case) democrats need to be removed.

Why don’t the pro-abortion fanatics understand what the law is in the USA and why are they so obsessed with killing children ?

It’s really creepy, weird and twisted.

One Normal Girl Finally Found on TikTok? - YouTube

These are the kind of nutters who are pro-abortion in the USA.

Honestly, some of these people are actually parents or could be parents one day


They’re unhinged.


The best comment I’ve read was;

“Time to ban viagara then. Because if pregnancy is God’s Will, so is your limp dick!”

How long before the god-botherers start to demand a ban on contraceptives? I am shocked that they have the damned impertinence to impose their stupid ideas on how other people choose to live their lives.

This popped up in inbox explaining who runs Merica

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Sounds a lot like democracy here in the UK also Bruce…
But I think we are overseen by the same masters…