US Election 2024 antics

Thanks for your comprehensive reply RightNow, and as an American subject, and obviously with hands on knowledge of politics at your side of the pond, I am no match for your criticism of Trump RightNow, but based on the limited coverage of the American political system here in South Yorkshire I just write as I see… :wink:


No worries, Foxie. I realize your news media filters a lot. At times, I wish our media did, too.

I will correct you on one point, though. We Americans aren’t subjects, we are US citizens. No kings, queens or royalty here despite a few who think they are!:grin:


As I read BBC articles, I’m always surprised about this. The topics picked often have a clear slant. Then the articles themselves are often full of stereotypes.


Sorry about that RightNow, We’ve never really had a problem with racism until now, but we do have a pecking order with the class system. Upper, Middle and scrubber (or working class) The upper class are the ones who run the country, the middle classes think they do, and the scrubbers outnumber all of the above but are happy with their lot in life…

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One of Trump’s favourite pastime is mocking Biden’s mental state.

Donald Trump appeared on stage more than 90 minutes late in Nashville, Tennessee, on Thursday night, where he delivered a speech that was as wild as it was incoherent

At various points, Mr Trump declared that he had made Israel the capital of Israel during his presidency (presumably confusing the decision to move its US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem), said that he planned to close down the [Department of Education and praised the Capitol rioters, whom he again characterised as political prisoners and referred to as “the J6 hostages”, for their “tremendous spirit”
Mr Trump sought to appeal to his audience of believers by presenting himself, not altogether convincingly, as a man of faith, pushing the false narrative that Democrats are in favour of terminating unwanted infants “even after birth” and suggesting that any Christian who votes for the opposition must be “crazy”.
He also baselessly accused President Joe Biden’s administration of persecuting Roman Catholics – apparently forgetting that the president himself is a devout Catholic and regularly attends church.


I saw this earlier, and I am increasingly worried about where the leadership in our country is headed. Drump has totally lost it, and can no longer cover up his wandering mind, buffing his way through direct statements that no longer even make sense.

What does this say about Americans forming new political leaders? Who do you trust? Certainly not the idiots I’ve seen lately.


You could say the same for the UK.

Trump is going to burn himself out.Political rallies every day and on social media at night.Burdened with million dollars of debt.Is this lust for power worth it?

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Trump has already burned himself out. But he needs the limelight, the drama, and that’s who he is.
When he can’t be seen, he’s pathetic. He can’t even stand himself. Nor can Melania stand to be around him.

It’s his way of life. So sad.


The best quote from that Trump speech was this -
“… And God probably can’t believe what he’s seeing!”
If God does exist, he probably can’t believe that humans ever voted such a morally bankrupt man to be the leader of USA or that he has got another shot at trying to do it again!

That bizarre speech he made does suggest that Trump is getting more muddled and confused than usual - and his cognitive abilities were never that great in his previous campaigns or during his presidency.


I think he was under a lot of pressure because he’s not religious at all and had to wing it in front of a load of evangelicals.
He had a similar problem with the Black Conservative Federation when he said blacks liked him because of his recent mug shot and of course he is a well known racist himself.


So I was right…Nobody talks about ‘golden balls Biden’ do they…
Maybe the title of the thread is misleading…

I can’t wait for a debate. Non-stop laughs.


Nothing stopping you OGF :grinning:


Meanwhile Dozy Donald can’t remember his wife’s name.

Hes taking the Piss mate

A bit of UK type humoUr. :joy: :joy:

I used to say that too when Trump first got elected. I thought he must be sarcastic. He can’t possibly be that ridiculous. It took me a while before I realized that he was serious because a joke can only go so far until it hurts real lives. It went past hurting real people. At some point, after people got hurt, it doesn’t matter if he’s joking about some of it or not, because he can’t distinguish.

I’d agree - I’ve never seen any indication that Trump has a sense of humour. He does like to laugh at people but that does not count as humour.

How do you work that out?

However, it appears Trump was actually addressing Mercedes Schlapp, his former White House director of strategic communications.

Schlapp posted an article about the apparent mistake and called it “fake news at its finest.”

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dont know to much about the thinking behind American politics.

but this link is interesting.
Big Ugly Shift - Koch Network Drops Haley Support, Retreats to Senate Decepticon Alamo - The Last Refuge (