UKs state of the art aircraft carrier breaks down!

UKs state of the art vessel Prince ofWales has broken down off the
coast of the Isle of Wight??
Even the russians are better than this !! :-1::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::-1:

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On the plus side, it’ll never be attacked yet alone sunk if it never actually gets anywhere close to a war zone, yet alone considered a threat.

The vessel – Britain’s largest warship and Nato’s flagship carrier – has had a history of problems, getting stranded in Portsmouth at the end of 2020 after flooding in its engine room damaged the electrics. During its first two years in service, the carrier reportedly spent fewer than 90 days at sea after springing leaks twice in five months.

Is the UK so strapped for funds they can’t assure safe passage for a warship? This seems unacceptable.

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Years ago, before the pandemic, when Boris was visiting Australia he promised that as soon as Britain can afford aircraft for it the ship will be in the South China Sea quicker than he could recite “The Iliad”. I hope you are all still saving frequent flyer coupons for them.

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Can we add the Qur’an, Bible, War & Peace and the complete works of Shakespeare onto that recital list?

Quite the snagging list!

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:notes: Rule Britannia, Britannia, er…

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Trouble is, we built TWO of them!!
And it is looking terribly vulnerable wallowing off the needles !!
It would make an ideal place for temporary accomodation if you get
my gist !! :grin::grin::grin:


Not quite accurate DM like a lot of your posts…
Russia has ONE aircraft carrier which has been under repair since 2017 :grinning:

In a word. Yes.

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@Vlad , difference being the the russian stuff has lasted decades,:roll_eyes::roll_eyes:
Whereas ???

Yep decades being repaired :grinning:

that says a lot about the quality of the shipbuilders and fitters. perhaps next time let Israel Shipyards Ltd build one.

@Hedgehopper , But we have two allready ?? What would we want three for ??

isnt there a british saying, the best of three :scream_cat:

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Think you mean…third time lucky.

could be. English is not my first language. luck and military should not be in same sentence or have i got that wrong too.

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Your English is fine.

HMS Prince of Wales breaks down day after leaving Portsmouth

That was the headline which made me do a double-take when I browsed the news headlines on my mobile phone this morning - maybe I wasn’t quite awake then but I thought they were were talking about Prince Charles having an emotional breakdown! :open_mouth:

Please tell me I wasn’t the only one to mis-read that headline! :rofl: