UK should go into lockdown BEFORE Christmas or it will be 'too late'

It is hoped a circuit breaker could stop Omicron hospitalisations peaking at 3,000 a day, according to Stephen Reicher, professor of social psychology at the University of St Andrews and a member of Sage.

He said it was clear that Plan B measures alone would not be enough to stop the spiralling numbers of cases and that the Government needs to ‘act now’. He added: ‘Now, you could have it after Christmas, the problem is after Christmas it’s probably too late, it’s probably by then we will have had a huge surge of infections with all the impact upon society.’

The surging statistics came as Professor Neil Ferguson — whose projections have spooked No10 into lockdowns before — called for curbs to be tightened by New Year on the back of his latest modelling of the mutant strain.

He told BBC 4’s Today Programme hospitalisations could be overwhelmed by Christmas as Omicron cases rise in the next week with a ‘very large epidemic underway’. He added: ‘The level of protection against severe disease is not perfect and the very large case numbers may still translate into very large numbers of hospitalisations.’

During the Sage meeting on Thursday, the experts backed a ban on indoor social contact and hospitality. In what could be a blow to Britons planning New Year parties, they want fresh measures to come in before January 1.

Leaked minutes from Sage, seen by the BBC, said scientists had told ministers that tougher measures need to be brought in ‘very soon’.

‘The timing of such measures is crucial,’ said the minutes. ‘Delaying until 2022 would greatly reduce the effectiveness of such interventions and make it less likely that these would prevent considerable pressure on health and care settings.’

An emergency Cobra meeting this weekend will discuss if a joint response to the threat of the Omicron variant is needed across the UK. The meeting will raise fears that more curbs could be imposed before Christmas – despite the opposition of Tory MPs and Downing Street’s apparent determination to get through without them.

Will BJ attend the COBRA meetings - he missed them in the past … :roll_eyes:

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He has a new baby now, c’mon…excuses priorities :joy:

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The last time he missed them - 2019/2020 - BJ was shacked up with Carrie at Chequers … :wink:

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That woman has a lot to answer for!! :angry:

Will the vast majority of the public actually play ball if a lockdown is announced?


If there isn’t anything open, I suppose they have no choice, eh? I haven’t really come out of lockdown, so its no different :woman_shrugging:


I doubt it after all our esteemed leaders have shown us the way to do lockdown - stick two fingers at the rules.


I can hear the shouts now of absolutely not. Around my location, many families have already made plans and woe betide anybody getting in their way. How would no mixing be enforced when there are not enuf police for drug surveillance … nope, this would never get off the ground until well past the xmax holidays after all the families have enjoyed their get togethers. Policing in this country can only operated with the consent of the people and in this instance that consent would not be forthcoming :NO:


If we have a lockdown, we can have a Party & get famous!

The story would be all over the gutters in no time at all!

Bring it on!

:hamburger: :fries: :bacon: :cut_of_meat: :poultry_leg: :meat_on_bone: :cheese: :doughnut: :beer: :tumbler_glass:


The purpose of my three jabs is ?

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Completion of the required tick-boxes and more income for those administering the scheme👍

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Well living where we do, it’s almost lockdown for us anyway, so apart from our Saturday Night Dinner out, then the meet up at the village local with friends, nothing has changed for us. Yes I’ll miss our Saturday get together, but I would rather stay healthy thankyou very much. :innocent:

I knew there had to be a reason, lockdowns haven’t worked in the past , evidence of is wanting another one , so the point of one now would be ?

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Control over the masses by those with the authority and power to do so. . . . lambs to the slaughter come to mind … come by Shep, down Shep, away Shep :whistle: … now that was a good uplift and penning, so 10 out of 10 for shepherd Boris of Farm Westminster with his collie Patel :grin::+1:

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I feel for the business people , what can they do , so many cancellations already . Lockdown again wouldnt surprise me .


I agree, Susan…not sure how much of a financial cushion the governments are able to give now…I know Nicola Sturgeon is annoyed with lack of info from Boris…

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There are also, quite a few businesses thriving throughout this pandemic, but, as you say many aren’t. such a worry for many business owners.


I live on my own and being very vulnerable, I am already in my own version of lockdown.

I got out of Hospital on Thursday, my 70th Birthday.

I have absolutely no intention of going back in at the moment, it is riddled with Covid.

I have my Carers, carefully chosen and their kids.

I feel safe, secure and happy.

I have food etc to last well into the New Year.

I see them everyday, a well organised system, every one with FFP2 Masks.

We have a system which works.

The Red Cross are doing all my Hospital Discharge things and are brilliant at doing so.

Freezer and Fridge are stacked, alcohol is arriving from Amazon.

I get daily phone calls to make sure I am still alive and daily visits which comply with the Protocols.

My Washing and Ironing is mysteriously done.

I have systems for everything, not my systems, but I am being organised by the Ladies.

Even the 6 year old tells me off.

My Carers are Private, I have to pay for everything and am happy to do so, they are brilliant.

Social Services charge a fortune for them and you have no choice, you take what you are given.

It is not the Retirement I envisioned , I am not travelling the World.

I count myself very lucky to have the life I have.


I will personally scream at Bojo if he locksdown before Christmas. He did that last year and I spent Christmas…and the next three months alone…while he was a party prat!

BUT - I want to know when this lockdown starts…

With only a week to go I can’t seenhow he can.
The only thing he could do is limit the number of households meeting up?

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