UK Labour Party Conference 2023 Liverpool

Just 24 hours after the staggering result in Rutherglen and Hamilton West - pointing to a Labour revival north of the border - MPs and activists will descend on Liverpool. The four-day event will be a crucial opportunity for the Labour leader to lay out his vision for the country ahead of next year’s likely general election.

What to expect - a day-by-day guide


Big moment: Labour’s Deputy Leader Angela Rayner will give a speech at 11:20am.

The Shadow Housing, Levelling-Up and Communities Secretary’s speech will be her second since taking on the role at the start of September.


Big moment: Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves’s speech at 12pm.


Big moment: Labour leader Keir Starmer will deliver his keynote speech at 2pm.

The Labour leader faces the key moment of the conference on Tuesday in potentially his last speech to party members ahead of the general election. Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary Yvettee Cooper will also give her speech in the conference hall just before 10am.


Big moment: Shadow Health Secretary Wes Streeting will deliver a speech on the future of the NHS just before 10am and the Shadow Education Secretary Bridget Phillipson will outline her plan to “breakdown barriers to opportunity at every stage”.

Who is going to deliver the Labour equivalent of Mordant’s “stand up and fight” rant / speech?


Ms Rayner was speaking as Labour gather for what could be their final conference before a general election.

Labour will create the biggest increase in affordable housing “in a generation” if it wins power, deputy leader Angela Rayner has promised. She vowed to “get tough” with developers who tried to “wriggle out” of their social obligations. The party would also free up funds for councils and housing associations to build more homes for rent, she said. She told conference-goers in Liverpool that Labour would reform the planning system to give local councils greater powers to “stand up to vested interests”.

Ms Rayner, who is Labour’s shadow housing secretary as well as its deputy leader, also said the party would “achieve rental reform” - including banning so-called no-fault evictions, something the government has repeatedly delayed.

She also promised to ban zero hours contracts and strengthen union powers in the first 100 days of a Labour government.


Rachel Reeves is at the podium


Once again, they ae shooting themselves in the foot at the fringe meetings.

Demands from the Unions for more rights and a huge nationalisation programme, the completion of HS2 and some idiots supporting Hamas.

The Tories are loving it.

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What did Rachel Reeves say in her speech?


  • Labour’s shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves promises delegates at the party conference in Liverpool that Labour will “rebuild Britain”
  • She says Labour is “ready to serve” and “ready to lead” and would stick to “iron-clad fiscal rules” if it wins the next election
  • An overhaul of planning rules would speed up green energy and 5G projects, she said, and would provide thousands of new jobs
  • She also promised to introduce a “genuine living wage”, an inquiry into the aborted HS2 project, and to make private schools pay VAT
  • And raising stamp duty on property bought by overseas buyers would fund housebuilding projects, she said
  • Her plans are endorsed by the former Bank of England governor, Mark Carney, who says it is time to put her ideas into action
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Sounds good to me

Predictable pre-GE same old,same old, yet again.


Exactly the same as the Conservative Conference then,

They both treat voters as idiots.


We do not have a choice, never have.


The conference finished with even Prime Minister Rishi Sunak arguing “there is the undeniable sense that politics just doesn’t work the way it should” and “Westminster is a broken system”.


Conservative and Labour Parties unlikely to consider changing the system because they assume the electorate cannot be bothered to force the issue, better to keep the same old unfair system. In our lifetime both have destroyed Britain in every way imaginable when in government.

Can we have “Old” Labour back please, we knew where we were then :smiley:

Minority rule

The idea of a minority ruling over the majority goes against our most basic ideas about democracy. But with First Past the Post, it’s the norm. For about 90% of the time since 1935 we’ve had single-party ‘majority’ governments, but not one of them had the support of a majority of voters.

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Come on, lets give old Labour a chance :eyeglasses:

Just sounds like Gordon Brown.

This just one criminal example of why reform is needed. Do not understand why people are still voting for corruption.


IMO, this post is in the wrong thread - surely it belongs here:

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I suspect that they will need to match the greatest election ad ever made:

That singer has a voice like a nail on a blackboard .

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That’s Alison McCallum, she never really made it as a star, I think she ended up as a session singer backing people like Billy Thorpe, but there is no doubt that the ad gave Gough Whitlam and Labor a big boost and there is also no doubt that he became one of Australia’s most influential PMs.

British politics desperately needs a Gough Whitlam, Paul Keating or a Bob Hawke, in fact anybody with a bit of nous, rather than the public school/Oxbridge no hopers that keep getting elected

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The whole bunch of them are rubbish.
And labour is no better is full of people who support weird woke issues in strange partnership with anti semites from the Islamic community who are the complete opposite .The traditional party of the workers is no more.
No one knows who to vote for we do need a leader.