UK election - its all about what the opposition will look like

Hear Hear…wish I could contribute but can’t take any more grief right now… WE PAID For Pensions with sweat blood and tears…We paid in and more for all we take out. you’ll be saying next I cannot take my money out my British Bank…MY money!
…I am happy not be the equivalent of anti everything that is foreign …I am European always have and always will be… you and some other narrow obsessive character’s talk out of your Rear Ends.
Must be uncomfortable that!

It is so ill-considered that its almost funny. Essentially it is “if you are not fully with us, then you are against us”. That argument played out plenty during the Brexit referendum. It was ignorant then and its ignorant now.
Meanwhile, getting back on topic, the shape of the opposition is whatever shape something in tatters is. Nothing close to effective. And I note that Starmer is setting out his approach of getting back close to European countries and the EU. There are tons of sensible and grown up things to be done to improve relations and trade - even if re-joining the EU is off the table.

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The paradox of tolerance.

”It goes like this: If everyone is tolerant of every idea, then intolerant ideas will emerge."

“We must therefore claim, in the name of tolerance, the right not to tolerate intolerance.”


Everyone needs to tone down the hype, if Trump had been killed what do you think our Secretary of State would have said. I dread to think.

Usually spelt rass claat, it is Jamaican patois for an utterly contemptible person; often used in profane oaths. The literal meaning is sanitary towel, a textile used to absorb menstrual blood, from rass vulva, claat=cloth. Of a similar use and meaning as blood clat, (menstrual) blood-clot, a contemptible fellow.

Thanks for that explanation … just not sure why it appeared on a thread about the UK elections.

Those elected are not going to last long. This would be laughable if it were not extremely unpleasant and inexcusable. Will he beat Truss’s 49 days.

Turning Point UK said: “Lammy is an international disgrace, he should resign. Not only is he beyond thick, he is also a national embarrassment. Starmer needs to sack him.”

I very much doubt if I give a flying (what was your enlightening word for the day?) about anything that Turning Point UK says. The fact that the Express feels happy to quote them says everything about the Express and nothing of note about Lammy.
“Turning Point UK (TPUK) is a British offshoot of the American student pressure group Turning Point USA. The UK group was set up to promote right-wing politics in UK schools, colleges and universities, with the stated aim of countering what Turning Point UK alleges are the left-wing politics of UK educational institutions. The close similarity of Turning Point UK’s rhetoric and target demographic to that of Generation Identity, a continental European group whose intentions are racist and Islamophobic, has been noted by scholars of hate studies and the far-right.”

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Think Secretary of State will be out before the US election.

David Lammy wasn’t in Government in 2019 - he wasn’t in the Shadow Cabinet and he wasn’t even an MP in 2019!

If folk are going to call for his resignation for a couple of insulting comments he made as a civilian 5 years ago, then a lot of other folk should step down from office too! - notably Donald Trump - if anyone cared to dredge through all the insulting and inciteful things he has said about other politicians - and encouraged whole groups of people to chant - both while he was in and out of office, it would be such a long list!
Maybe anyone calling for David Lammy to step down should be shouting for Donald Trump to step down too!


Agree Boot, but like it or not Trump may be the President come November. Do not see how Mr Lammy will be able to negotiate effectively with a man he despises. A false friend is more dangerous than your worst enemy.

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Has David Cameron stopped attending the House of Lords?

The shape of the opposition is, well, fractured. This is an interesting article, not that I particularly admire the author. The article highlights the factions in the Tory party. Not a basis for effective opposition. It also shows that so many in the party think their answer lies in Farage - linking in with Reform or getting Farage into their party. This appears to be a continuation of the previous cult of Johnson. They look to an individual who they see as a vote winner. That is, the person not the policies. That is a terrible mistake as it should be clear, purposeful and practical policies that drive and shape a party - not the cult of personality. The focus on an individual is simply a cheap, simplistic hope that he/she will swing the day - rather than the hard graft of building support around robust policies.
Tories will be out of power for quite some time.

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Building bridges, really! Labour destined to follow suit, perchance. There are none so blind as those who will not see. Labour only won because Conservatives lost the election.

Jacob Rees Mogg

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I’m not sure that there is any point building a bridge with the walking mountain of ignorance that is JD Vance.

David Lammy has been an MP for 24 years, since 2000.
So of course anything he has said since then is open to public debate.
I’m not sure why you’re saying he wasn’t an MP in 2019?

He was addressing a Conservative audience, tongue in cheek not to be taken seriously. :smile:

Labour will have difficulty building bridges, they would rather build red walls.

A lot more important people have lost their jobs for less than this boot…

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Oops! Sorry, my mistake.
I remember him having a cabinet position in the Blair/Brown government. I thought he’d stepped down as an MP and taken a break for a while after that but my memory has played tricks on me. I just checked and it was a shadow cabinet position under Ed Milliband that he had turned down but he was still an MP on the back benches.

Politics best described as a load of isms and ologies. Help or hindrance. Democracy does not exist. Affluence and influence, hegemony…