Twitter expected to accept Elon Musk’s bid to buy company

Elon Musk is said to be in negotiations to buy twitter. According to this source, the deal is close to closing.

People have been speculating on what this might mean for the platform and for the level of free speech allowed on the platform.

As I do not ‘use’ any of the twitter type accounts, I really could not give it a 2nd thought :man_shrugging:

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Neither could I but it does make you wonder how Twitter can get away with closing down Trump’s account but leave Putin’s up and running - all in the name of “Free Speech” of course.

I have no interest in Twitter or Musk, but there’s something interesting here:


Musk is the biggest, most high profile dabbler. Twitter, along with Google, Bing, LinkedIn, Snapchat, many others have banned Crypto advertising. It’s regarded as scam.

I have an interest in crypto, not as a possible investor, just trying to grasp what it’s all about and why my son buys it.

Just googled it and found this.


Effing madness. Musk and his followers think they can bring down Americas Central Bank, all central banks …

Can he afford it, is he selling Tesla shares?

Not sure what this means. How will Musk bring down the banks?

Twitter accepted Elon Musk’s offer. If the regulators approve, Musk will own Twitter. Musk already has plans for how the platform will change. The purchase price is $44 billion.

Musk says he plans to authenticate all humans on the platform. Not sure how he plans to do that. Also not sure what he means by free speech on the platform. That has gone wrong so many times before.

Ironically, his critics claim that they have been blocked from his twitter page for criticizing Tesla.

The deal became more concrete after Musk released a SEC filing showing where the purchase money is coming from.

He can’t. But he’s young, ambitious, richest man in the world. He owns three cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, the biggest. He’s got a huge following among kids with a bit of money. He promotes Crypto as an alternative to the corrupt, ailing, current financial system. Crypto advertising is banned on Twitter, but not for much longer, I bet.

Musk’s stance on cryptocurrency has been evolving and changing. In his latest move, he announced that bitcoin won’t be allowed to pay for Tesla cars due to its large carbon footprint.

Unless he’s done another complete about-face since May 2021, he’s not bitcoin’s biggest supporter, certainly not big enough to influence any world banks. Considering he’s using conventional financial means to finance the buyout of Twitter, it doesn’t seem likely.

As someone who does not ‘get’ Twitter I have to ask why would anyone want to own it and pay so much for it?

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Very noble of him. So what’s he do? Starts a new Cryptocurrency called Dogecoin, that doesn’t require the miner with the biggest, most power-guzzling computer to get rich quick.

I’m no crypto expert but it does fascinate me.

He can exchange his Crypto into $ in a second and transfer it to twitter.

No Twitter doesn’t/didn’t accept Crypto.

Musk didn’t invent dogecoin. That was created in 2013 as a joke, way before Musk was even involved in bitcoin.

He could, but he only has $2.48 billion in bitcoin. Twitter’s purchase price is $44 billion. He’d need to find the other $42 billion from somewhere.

I makes you wonder, doesn’t it? What does Musk intend doing with it, with all that “free speech” he’s now so fond of?

Yeah you are right. But he adopted it as his favourite Crypto.

Musk invests in other Cryptos. Not Bitcoin so much these days.

Actually it doesn’t make me wonder as I said I don’t get Twitter at all and find it strange that so many people are obsessed with it.
Even the BBC news presenters feel the need to give out their Twitter address just in case I should want to contact them, this I find really strange.

I notice that Tesla shares plunged 10% in one day when Musk bought Twitter ie it lost $100billion from its already overvalued share price. He is only supplying $21 billion the other $25billion is borrowed (against Tesla?).

You have to wonder whether this purchase makes any sense at all.

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