Trump Needs Cash Quickly

Donald Trump owes an enormous sum of money to the state of New York and he is running out of time to hand it over.

After a judgement against him in a civil fraud case, the former US president was told he had roughly a month to pay $US450 million ($712 million).

But recent court filings indicate he has not managed to find the money yet. And the deadline to stump up the cash runs out tonight.

He’s selling Bibles.

You couldn’t make it up.

Nothing he does surprises me.

Yesterday, on appeal, the amount Trump had to post for bond was reduced from $450m to, I think, $170m - and he was given an extra month to find it. If he fails, the courts will start to seize his assets such a property. $170m is a lot of bibles.

His social media platform has really taken off, so I doubt if he will default.

“Donald Trump’s social media venture soared 16% in its trading debut on Tuesday, delivering a windfall of billions of dollars to the former president’s net worth”.

The jury has been selected in his criminal trail